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Aug 16, 2007 10:34 PM

Something new?

Hearing a bit of buzz about Ketch Harbour House lately. Anyone been there yet? A friend of mine went and had one of their tasting menus and thought it was outstanding. Apparently they're really dedicated to using local, seasonal organic foodstuffs. That, plus a view of the ocean in a small, dining room in a century old house made it a cool experience for them. The chef and his wife -- who runs the front of house, are from Toronto and he's producing cured meats like duck prosciutto, bresoala, cured pork loin etc... that was the first course of their tasting menu.

I also hear that Martine Ruiz of Fleur de Sel in Lunenerg is serving Ketch Harbour House cured meats on his menu. My inlaws are coming for a vacation at the beginning of September and I really want to knock their socks off as far as dinner goes, because they're pretty discerning diners.I'm a little nervous about taking them somewhere that I haven't been before. Kinda looking to hear what other chowhounds think of this place.

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  1. I haven't been... But I have heard one rave review. How exciting it would be for you to be one of the first to tell everyone about this great new restaurant!

    And yes, Salt Shaker Deli and Fleur de Sel both use Ketch Harbour charcuterie. So does the Charlotte Lane Cafe, methinks.

    I like Ketch Harbour House because they sent me a really kind letter after I published a series of articles on Infomonkey about ways to save the restaurant industry in Nova Scotia. Not many people read the pieces, but Joel and Kim did. And I think that kindness says a lot about them.

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