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Aug 16, 2007 09:42 PM

Lake Chelan--where to eat

I used to go to Lake Chelan every summer with my family. Then I moved away, and now it's wine country! awesome, except now I have no idea where to go for good food. We need a couple of good places closer to Manson if possible, and breakfast ideas are great too. We'll have a 7-month old with us on some nights, but my husband and I may get a date so an idea for that night would be great.

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  1. Breakfast is awesome at Blueberry Hill (Farm? Sorry, I forget the real name) and it is closer to Manson than to Chelan - there are a lot of signs... they do lunch/dinner too, but not "date night" type - but they make a blueberry mayonnaise!!! Some of the wineries offer light meals - Tsillian Cellars is one, and Vin du Lac is another. Have fun!!!

    p.s. They took out the Judy Jane bakery - which is now (woefully) a Starbucks. :(

    1. I second Blueberry Hill as a must for breakfast and maybe a lunch. Delicious with fresh ingredients- homey and very Chelan. My favorite wineries are Benson and Wapato Point. Each have fantastic staff and fun atmospheres. I know that Wapato Point does sit down dinners- it is just down the road from the new Red Apple in Manson. They are both relaxed and knowledgable. Benson is above Lake Chelan Winery off the main road to Manson. I know that Lake Chelan does a cookout BBQ offering during the summers picnic table style if you are in for something homespun. Benson just opened a new tasting room this year that has fantastic views of the lake- it is a must try. Make sure to talk to the two brothers that run it and their mother who is a tasting room attendant- you will fall in love. They are originally from Seattle. The Mexican restaurant in downtown manson is run by the most wonderful family and we have always enjoyed going there. A favorite for a greasy bar food night is the tavern in downtown manson. They have shuffleboard inside and I recommend ordering the Rueben :) Hope this helps!

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        I second a favorite winery being Benson. They have an unoaked chardonnay that is sensational!

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          got to agree with natalie post.the mexican place is family run and very very good mexican home style cookin food.if your lookin for a shorts and t shirt nite then by all means hit my buddys place next door.great food and good hot wings around.give the buddy burger a try you,ll be back

      2. It's not fancy, but Local Myth Pizza in downtown Chelan is great. And the Vogue Coffee House and Wine Bar is a fun hangout, opens early, and carries both breakfast pastries and desserts. Plus, they have live music a few times a week, and they carry lots of the local wines!