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Aug 16, 2007 09:09 PM

Help Me Like Sam's Club

I am a big fan of Costco. I generally think it's superior to Sam's Club. However, I am planning on moving to a house which is about 5 minutes from a Sam's Club and 18 miles from the nearest Costco. As one can imagine, I don't expect to be going to Costco too often in the new house.

Help me to be happier about having Sam's Club as my only choice for a warehouse store. What are some things it's really strong in - perhaps even more so than Costco?


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  1. AAAHHH! Don't go to the dark side! Seriously, could you live with occasional stockups at Costco and continue to support a good company with a reputation of treating their customers and workers well?

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    1. re: coney with everything

      I second. Sam's club is operated by the same people as Walmart. Think thrice before entering their parking lot is all I can say.

      Seriously though, you don't just go into this kinda warehouse stores and get a box of cereal and come out, do you? I probably enter Costco maybe once a month, probably once every two months, so it's not like a weekly grocery shopping place for me anyway. Maybe you have a big family to feed... I dont know. Are there anything else to do around Costco to make the trip even more worthwhile?

      How about BJs?

    2. I have belonged to both, and there is no comparison. Costco is much better in my opinion.

      I drive 36 miles each way once a month to stock up at the closest Costco(thankfully I have a big suv capable of hauling the items home).

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      1. re: swsidejim

        Me too. I think Costco is better, if you have the choice.

      2. Sam's doesn't come close in any department. Drive the 18 miles. It's what I do. I have a Sam's about three miles from my house and they never have the same thing twice. They might have one brand of TP on one visit and another a month later.

        They do have a reasonably good meat and produce department, but I don't find that I'm saving the membership price on my purchases.

        1. Ughhhh don't waste your time with Sam's Club! My version of hell would be a never ending Sam's Club that I'm lost in. Their produce is the saddest thing I've ever seen. Make the extra trip and go to Costco!

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          1. re: reubensandperrier

            The main difference for me in Sam's verses Costco is the book selection. Other than that, I think Costco wins handsdown.

          2. I have a Sam's Club membership and others in my family have a Costco. They are both relatively close to us. I like to be able to go to either because the selection varies and I do get tired of the same thing. I think you can go to Sam's and check it out and see if they have things that you would want to purchase. Pretty sure they give a guest pass, to go in and may have a surcharge w/guest pass for purchases.