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Aug 16, 2007 08:41 PM

Red Bean Bubble Tea

I am new to the area, and my favorite vegetarian restaurant in my last town had wonderful red bean bubble teas. I know there is a place on Guadalupe that does bubble teas, but I don't know if they have red bean. Is there any place around Austin that offers them? Thanks!

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  1. I am 99.9% that Coco's on Guadalupe near 21s has red bean. I like to order their bubble tea when I'm eating a meal there, but if it's bubble tea alone I'm after, i much prefer Momoko at 705 W. 24th St. When I want my teeth to hurt from sweet creamy lavender colored goodness, I will order their taro root milk tea with pearl. They make a decent lychee bubble tea as well, but I'm not sure if they have the red bean your after; you might call and check. Also Momoko has a tiny shop of Japanese gifts and candies to peruse while you drink. A few things to note: Coco's bubble tea usually totals less that $5 for one drink, and they will not accept a debit/credit card for that amount under any circumstances. Since everything else there is just food/drink, it's hard to add a cheap item to your tab to make it total $5. However, I believe CoCo's will shave the ice for your drink (upon request!) which some people prefer. I like my bubble tea with cubes of ice, and very warm pearl for contrast, which is how momoko makes it. Momoko also has the $5 minimum debit/credit card purchase, but with their Japanese candy/gum section, it's easy to make up the difference. They also make bubble tea at Veggie Heaven restaurant near CoCo's, but I have never tried it there. Best of luck.

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      Skip the bubble tea at Veggie Heaven. For some reason it always tastes chalky and the woman who runs the place always rolls her eyes when she has to make one. Plus the pearls have never been good there....hard as a rock or peely and falling apart.

      Coco's are quite good (plus there's the Coco's north near Sunflower) but the flavor selection is rather limited. Overall though, I like theirs (not love).

      I, like femmenikita, am a fan of Momoko. They have an extensive menu of choices from the ordinary to crazy mixes. My personal fave is the White Coffee which combines coffee flavoring and almond. The pearls have always been fresh here too.

      The place on my "to try" list is Short and Sweet (I think that's the name) next to Lily's Sandwiches (banh mi) in the Chinatown center on N. Lamar. I've heard they use fresh fruit in many of their smoothies and bubble tea. I picked up a sandwich at Lily's on Tuesday (which was quite good for the low price of $2.50...I simply didn't want to wait in line at Tam) and was planning on trying Short and Sweet out. Alas, they are closed on Tuesdays. However, they're open every other day till around 9. Maybe I'll treat myself tonight.

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        Thanks femmenikita and ashes! Very helpful info--I can't wait to go explore your suggestions.

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          When I went to Short and Sweet yesterday they had red bean tea on their menu. It also appears that they are no longer using fresh fruit in the smoothies. The time before I ordered a smoothie and saw them put in powder instead of fruit, oh well. Though I still think that they might use real taro in their drinks.

          1. re: cowfish

            I finally made it to Short and Sweet today. The results were actually quite good. I ordered a red bean smoothie with pearl. The smoothie was good and they did use real read beans not a powder. (I think the powder vs. fruit may be the difference between a tea and a smoothie or certain flavors.) The flavor was quite good and the pearls were a great consistency. My only complaint was that the smoothie could have used a little extra time in the blender as there were a few small chunks of ice. Otherwise though Short and Sweet will come close in my opinion to Momoko and I will definitely return.

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        1. Update: Went to CoCo's Guad. for lunch just now and I didn't see any Red Bean on the menu; they have Papaya, Almond, Mocha, Lychee, and about 7 or so other flavors, but no bean. Went ahead and ordered a Taro and was reminded why I should have walked that extra 7 blocks to Momoko dedspite the heat, although the green onion pie thingies at Coco's do make up for their lack of Bubble Tea skills. Can't wait to try that White Coffee at Momoko too, thanks ashes, for the rec.