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Aug 16, 2007 08:40 PM

Picnic Take-Out Food New Haven Area


Planning on a sunset cruise this Sunday in the New Haven-Shoreline area. We are looking for a great place to pick up some nice already made appetizers, in the Madison, Guilford, Clinton, Old Saybrook area. Would love a place like Whole Foods but of course that doesn't exist. Stop and Shop doesn't cut it! Anybody know of any gourmet type take out places?


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  1. Bishops Orchard in Guilford?
    They have a very nice cheese selection, good bread, great fruit, wine, dessert, you can't go wrong. I think they also have some prepared foods, but I'm not sure.
    Also in Guilford just down the road from Bishop's is Forte's market also well supplied with cheese, cold cuts, breads, desserts and entree's.

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      Thanks for the reply, Forte's is a great idea! Personally, I will skip the wine at Bishops. :)

    2. Bishops' Orchard, Guilford
      Perfect Parties, Madison
      Edd's, Westbrook
      Bradley and Wall, Madison
      La Rusticerria, Guilford