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ISO Breakfast Sun. in Manhattan Beach?

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Biking from Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach along the bike path. Any good pancakes and omelettes near the Pier? Hopefully patio seating? Thanks.

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  1. Uncle Bill's Pancake House is pretty close to the pier, I believe. I didn't find their pancakes all that tasty when I went but it is nevertheless very popular. I think I saw outdoor seating too.

    1. Scotty's in Hermosa...it's right off the bike path, near the pier.

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      1. Martha's on 22nd Street in Hermosa is always popular and right off the Strand.

        1. I really like the Kettle, the banana pancakes are tasty. It's just a couple of blocks up from the pier.

          1. The Kettle has solid breakfasts. I haven't been impressed with Uncle Bill's. The lines are huge on weekends and I didn't think that the food was worth it.

            You can also try the Local Yolk in the north end of MB.

            Local Yolk
            3414 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266