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Aug 16, 2007 04:47 PM

Fresh carob pods (looking in IL)

Hi, I am looking to buy some carob pods! They are delicious dried and eaten just like that! They taste like candy. I live in Illinois and have spend hours on the internet and no one knows where to buy them. They should be coming out in September but where do they sell them?

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  1. Here's a link that may help your local grocer (if listed on this site) order them for you. It says they will be available in October.

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    1. Hi,
      I use to live in Illinios and love carob pods. I now live in S. California and know of a tree near where I live and pick them. They are soooo good. If you want to email me I can mail some to you at your P.O. Box or address, just cover the postage. Someone one did this for me once. My email is: Frank

      1. It may be too late now but I juast came on board.As I was perusing the web to find out what to do with the pods I bought in NJ,I ran accross this website that sells and sends them.If you don't know about it by now,it's
        I've started eating them,they're great.

        1. This is in reply to Carole622. They grow on our main street. there are pods all over the sidewalks right now. Do you roast them ? I tried this and they get softer and sweeter.
          If you need some and haven't gotten any from the other posters let me know.
          Anyone know of any way to use them other than dog treats and snacking please let me know.

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            hi kcsnaunnie,
            can you pick as many as you can and i can email you a prepaid label?! along with some compensation for your time and effort. i use paypal myself. thanks! herbylicious@gmail

            1. re: kcsnaunnie

              What area of the country do you live in? When do these trees drop their pods? I'd like to be there!!!

            2. Hi,
              I live in S. Cal and there are a few big carob trees that grow nearby. If anyone would like me to send them some I will. Now is the time to pick them. We can talk about cost when I hear from you. Email me direct at
              Take care,