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Aug 16, 2007 06:47 PM

Favorite Food Blogs?

Okay Chowhounders...

Other than this site, what are you reading?

What food blogs are in your RSS?

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  1. I like Serious Eats ( ) even though at times they seem to forget that there is life and food west of the Hudson River.

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    1. re: inuksuk

      Michael Ruhlman. His kvetch against chicken caesar and his chicken fried pork belly caesar was hilarious and looked awseome.

      1. re: inuksuk

        Ah, the NY disease -- forgetting that there is life west of the Hudson. I really like for the blogger's lovely attitude toward food, appealing photographs and fine recipes. And she is in NY, so the blog is even suitable for those east of the Hudson.

        Also east of the Hudson (western Mass) is -- not fancy, no photos but insightful and newsy.

        A foodie's round-the-world "journey through middle age" at is one that I enjoy as a vicarious odyssey.

        I'd love to add the URL for my own, but I'm afraid that the ever-vigilant Chowhound Team will delete my post -- and I wouldn't want to deprive fellow Hounds of some of my favorites.

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          You can always add your blog URL to your myChow page (take a look at mine, for example).

          But as far as out and out touting your own blog, say, in this thread, I don't think that would be too cool. Let others find your blog, and if they like it, they may pass the word.

          1. re: ChinoWayne

            Duh! I've been Chowhounding for months and months and paid no attention to MyChow. I've done it now and added my blog URL. I invite y'all to visit. Thanks, ChinoWayne.

            1. re: ClaireWalter

              I see everything except your blog URL on your myChow page, might want to try again.

              1. re: ChinoWayne

                ChinoWayne - Duh again. Thanks again. I think I missed one opportunity to click "Save." You're a good ChowPal.

        2. The Wednesday Chef. So far, it's the only blog I've found where I enjoy the actual writing... she's one of the few who can write poetically without being cloying. And as someone who religiously reads both the New York Times and the LA Times food sections every week, I definitely appreciate her focus on recipes from those two sources.

          1. Thanks! I've joined the RSS feed for all of these. Looking forward to some interesting reading.

            1. i second michael ruhlman. occasionally, anthony bourdain guest blogs for him and he's hilarious.

              i also love,,, and

              i could probably go on for ages. clearly, i'm not that productive at work!


              (p.s. lest i forget the shameless plug, there's mine too!)


                Those are probably my top 3. I actually have about 15 that I have bookmarked, but I put more stock in these just based on their info and writing style.

                For pure eye candy of non-fancy food: