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Aug 16, 2007 06:20 PM

Looking for something near Rosslyn Metro Stop

Am going with a friend to just have a fun day on Sunday since the weather is supposed to be stellar. We live on Capitol Hill where the food is mediocre at best and plan to take the Metro to the Rosslyn stop and just see what we can find. Any suggestions? Would prefer outdoor since the day should be great and something casual but fun.

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  1. It's probably closer to Court House, but if you like steamed crabs I recommend the Quarterdeck at 1200 Fort Myer Drive. They have an outdoor patio.

    1. Other than Ray's the Steaks, not sure I would go to Rosslyn for the food. That said, the main outdoor options are Cafe Asia and Piola on Wilson Boulevard (walk straight uphill on Wilson from the metro). Food at Cafe Asia is inexpensive and fine if you're in the mood for sushi and generic pan-Asian, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. Piola is new and part of a chain. Does thin-crust pizza. Further up the road is Rhodeside Grill -- sports-bar type burger place, mediocre food at best, but outside tables. Around the corner on Clarendon is Il Radicchio for pasta and pizza, which has an outdoor patio. If you really want to go cheap and casual, lots of people love Pho 75 (in the little strip mall catycorner from Cafe Asia), but no outside tables. There's also a Mexican restaurant in that strip mall with a couple outdoor tables; I think Sietsema liked it, but I was underwhelmed the one time I tried it.

      One metro stop further, Courthouse, is livelier, with more food choices as well stores, although again, mostly chains and basics. If you walk to Courthouse from Rosslyn up Wilson Boulevard, you'll pass Minh's, which I would recommend. They do solid Vietnamese, and they have outdoor tables.

      Alternatively, between Rosslyn and Courthouse, you'll pass lots of other options, many with outdoor tables, none of them worth a special trip for the food, but you'll have your pick of Irish pub, Italian, Thai, Japanese, BBQ, etc.

      If you keep walking past Courthouse and toward Clarendon, you'll get to places like Boulevard Woodgrill and Faccia Luna. Turn left on Washington Boulevard and walk a few blocks and you'll get to Tallula, which has minimal outdoor seating but a fun menu, usually good food (stick to simpler things), and great wine and beer lists.

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        You forgot 11th Street Lounge with Antonio Burrell from Bis and Viridian- that's worth a trip to Clarendon alone. You also forgot Tallula.

        1. re: Wensleydale

          Minh's is between the Courthouse and Clarendon metro stops. I agree that it would be a good choice.

          If you don't mind a (about one mile) walk to your destination, take the Metro to the East Falls Church stop. Take a right as you exit the Metro and walk down Sycamore Street (which becomes N. Roosevelt Blvd.). When you arrive at Wilson Blvd., you'll be at Eden Center. Countless options there.

          1. re: Lori D

            if you are a walker, consider picking up barbecue at red hot and blue up wilson boulevard and taking it to theodore roosevelt park for a picnic

        2. If you are with good friends who are fun to wait with go to Ray's the Steaks, if you get tired you can always go next door to Guajillo for good Mexican, I wasn't underwhelmed the BF shared his lamb tacos which were great, my chorizo chimichanga was good too and they have very reasonable prices. Everything that came out looked great.

          I don't mind Cafe Asia and it might be something different than what you normally get on the hill, they have good sushi (large portions) and their entrees are huge and pretty good, as well.

          If I was going to go further up to Clarendon I would go to Sette Bello. I still haven't made it to eleventh street lounge but if Jpschust raves about it as much as he does it has to be good. Tallula is also really good, their one to two bites are yummy! as is EatBar right in the same building by the same people. I wouldn't bother with Faccia Luna, it's ok, but nothing to travel that far for.