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Aug 16, 2007 05:27 PM

breakfast/lunch in swarthmore, media, surrounding areas?

My husband and I will be apartment hunting in these areas on Saturday, and I'd love recommendations. For the breakfast part we'd be in Swarthmore. For lunch probably Media or any surrounding town in that area. For either, our preference is very casual dining but very good food.

We've already eaten at Noodi, Seven Stones, and Iron Hill in Media (oh, and at that really good chain place on State St., the name of which I'm blanking on but it's the one that's ridiculously good for a chain), and would prefer to try something new. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. I think it's too late, but for future reference, my favorite breakfast spot is:
    Java Joe's
    604 Fairview Rd
    Woodlyn, PA 19094-1015
    Phone: (610) 543-2660

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      looks like i'm late as well. i enjoyed quotations in media when i was there for the blues stroll a couple months ago. good ole' bar food. though i could have erased a couple of the quotes on the walls, but that's a whole 'nother (political) message board. ;)

    2. In case you decide to move to Media, a good place for breakfast is Koffee Korner, on Jackson St. next to the firehouse.

      1. I'll have to second both Java Joe's and Koffee Korner for breakfast. Both are wonderful, although Koffee Korner has a lighter wait for a seat. Coffee Station in Morton has great food as well, although service is consistantly bad.

        Countryside Market is one of my favorite spots in Swarthmore. A charming shop with that uses rustic breads for sandwiches (with a huge menu) and offers a nice brunch on Sundays.

        I also love Trio's Cold Cuts on MacDade and Fairview. The sandwiches are awesome and they have a nice selection of take out beer. You can eat there, too. I moved from Delco to DE a year ago and still head to Trios on my way home from Philly for a sandwich fix. Best roast beef hoagie ever.

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        1. re: jessicheese

          Wow, what a surprise to see this thread revived!

          The day I originally posted about, we actually didn't end up having breakfast out but did end up for lunch at Countryside Market in Swarthmore, and loved it. I honestly can't even remember what we had there now, but I remember we both were more than satisfied.

          And we did *just* find an apartment in Media, so am holding on to these suggestions. I also just yesterday noticed there's a breakfast/lunch place in a mini-mall on State St. in Media open 7 days a week, does anyone know anything about it? It was a sunny day so I didn't go there, I wanted to go somewhere with large windows. But I poked my head in just to take a look, and it looked intriguing.

          By the way, I've recently had two really good lunches in Media. The place where I went yesterday when I wanted the sunlight through the windows, was "On a Roll" on 4th St. I didn't have anything on a roll, but I did have a delicious grilled chicken caesar salad. Nothing special or fancy, just very good.

          And the day before that (I clearly need to pack lunch a little more often), at the recommendations of those on another thread, I tried the new panini place called "House" on Jackson St. The menu is small but I very much enjoyed my panini.

          1. re: lauracohenromano

            The mini mall spot your talking about it Fast and Fancy restaurant. One of those places I always seem to forget about! Another decent breakfast spot. I miss that about Media!

            I'm also a big fan of Custom Bagels on Jackson St (or Olive?). I like their bagels better than anywhere else around.

            1. re: lauracohenromano

              On a Roll has really good casual food. I wish they had more space to sit. Great chicken ceaser salad wrap sandwich.

              1. re: Difromphilly

                on a roll - as in the same place that's on fayette in conshy? i used to love that place for a quick bite (i've since moved from that area)

              2. re: lauracohenromano

                hi lauracohenromano!
                I know its been a while since you posted your request for a good breakfast/lunch place in your new area of media but I am reading reviews of some local places and your blog came up - so i wanted to recommend that if you havent tried java joes in woodlyn yet you really should - right near the country deli in swarthmore - just of rt 320 on fairview rd ( take rt 252 to rt 320 and make a left, follow to the gulf gas station at fairview rd and make a right is just past second traffic lite on left next to a WAWA store and a laundramat. Biggest breakfast menu you will find - try the bananas foster french toast and you wont regret it!

            2. Springfield Country Club accepts outside reservations and offers a lovely lunch in a pretty atmosphere.

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              1. re: idia

                Occasionally Yours in Swarthmore (on Park Avenue in the village center) serves a
                good breakfast (lunch too) Tues. through Sat.

                1. re: jmk38

                  How fun to see this revived yet again...since originally posting my question, I've moved to Media, lived there for two years, and now recently moved out of Media (to be closer to new job)!

                  But in those two years, we ate everywhere!! Favorite spots for breakfast became Koffee Corner and also, in our last months when it was under new ownership, Court Diner. People who haven't tried it there for a while, might want to give it another shot, at least for the breakfast food.

                  We did enjoy Java Joe's a couple times, but the other two were walking distance for us in addition to their good food, and that was a real plus.

                  We liked Countryside Market too, but they weren't willing to make simple changes to items on their menu, and that annoyed me, and led me to choose less often to go there.

                  For lunch, favorites became Koffee Corner, Seven Stones, Iron Hill and Noodi Bar, depending on mood.

                  1. re: lauracohenromano

                    I have enjoyed Java Joes loved the menu-huge, very tasty!