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Aug 16, 2007 05:22 PM

good parking lot bbq, Duluth GA

On the corner of PIB and Pleasant Hill in the Kroger parking lot, there is this dude that sets up a smoker and takes up a couple parking spots by the store entrance. Last year I think he was only doing the occaisional summer Wednesday appearance but today is Thursday and you could smell it from Alpharetta!

$4 gets you a really tasty pork sandwich. Wait in a quick line, grab your grub, then find a place to eat it. This is not an eat-while-you-drive sandwich. Don't even wear a white shirt that day. It's the kind of sandwich you eat out of the wax paper with a spork. Mmmm. Sloppy and good. Lots of sauce. He also has hot dogs and chicken. Can't speak to the quality of those though.

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