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Aug 16, 2007 04:58 PM

Top Chef Final Four Predictions (SPOILER)

Hung- Has to be the favorite but needs to turn it up a notch.
Tre- Will get to the final four if he can survive next week and the smoked potats
CJ- Should do enough to make final four. Not sure he can win
Brian- Front of the room may do him in plus he only knows seafood.

Sleeper- Howie- needs to get the risotto straightened out. Can win it all for sure.

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  1. My final four are
    Tre-Think he has the whole package, great chef, calm, gets along with others.
    Casey- Early on I would have writen her off but she is a team player and has a head for flavors.
    Hung- I can't stand him but he has enough knowledge to get him in the top four.
    CJ- Probably becuase I think he is charming but I think as he gains more confidence he can do well.
    I"m rooting for Tre to take the whole thing

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    1. re: bubbles4me

      I have to agree with your picks. I think both Brian and Howie are one-trick ponies and unless they can make something good outside of their comfort range, they may not make it any farther. Brian is stuck on seafood and Howie's results seem to be disastrous when he veers away from pork, so I can't really see either of them making it to the final 4.

    2. In decreasing order of probabilities:
      Tre-Stealth candidate that is not so stealth. Everyone else has praised him here so we all know what he can do, despite the bad night.
      Hung-Not so stealth candidate. Too loud, too arrogant, too full of himself, also too talented. Can't ignore the guy, although I desperately want to.
      CJ-Low keyed, does everything to a consistent level. Not flashy just good and solid, not as solid and original as Tre, but in the same mode.

      Brian/Casey-It all depends on who has the brain freeze moment, like the Sriracha ice cream, or yet another ceviche or raw shellfish with a funky granita.

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      1. re: Phaedrus

        I'm going to have to agree with you but I also think that Casey could overtake C.J. in a few weeks, if she doesn't go the Sriracha ice cream route again. C.J. has been TOO under the radar, with not enough stellar showings to be up in the final four. I just think Brian, however, is going to flame out. He's just too one-note with the seafood for me.

        And like bubbles, I'm rooting for Tre to take the whole thing. I disagree with Sobe that Hung is the favorite - he's just been too argumentative with the judges and hasn't really proven himself, except with the roach coach team win, and the 8/15 seemingly "best of the worst" placing in the create your own restaurant "almost win".

        1. re: LindaWhit

          I agree on Hung. I think he'll go overboard trying to show how smart he is and flame himself right out the door. Why did he do so well in the mobile kitchen and rest. wars? Because he was toned down and simplified. If he keeps that up, he could go far. But I don't know if his ego will allow that.

      2. I'm going with Casey (they will want a female, and she is the best one left, not to mention a pretty good cook in her own right from what we've seen), Tre (solid skills, his mistakes like the smoked potatoes are "big" but not crippling), Howie (I think he'll sneak in over CJ and everyone will be upset over the "what have you done today" instead of the total body of work) and Brian (strong seafood skills, competent in other areas, and doesn't take big risks that can go really far south...which is why Hung ain't on this list.)

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          1. re: kenito799

            I'll second Kenito799, and if it isn't Casey, it'll be CJ.

          2. One thing worth noting on Hung: he only takes the highly experimental "crash and burn" approach in the quick fire challenges. When an elimination is on the line, he excels. The only times he's been in the bottom of an elimination is in the Latin Lunch, where I'm convinced his dish was fantastic out of the oven but suffered as it continued to cook in the catering boxes, and in the Freezer Burn, where 100% of the blame lies with Joey. That said, he still doesn't have any wins under his belt, so I don't see him taking home the title.

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            1. re: Morton the Mousse

              I disagree that 100% of the blame should have fallen on Joey. Hung is so loudmouthed at other times with his demands - why did he cave in to Joey and NOT freeze their components separately when he KNEW that's what should have been done? Yes, Joey outweighed him by a whole other person, but he still should have made his point, vs. letting Joey take the fall. But I guess that's part of the "game."

            2. First this is a "SHOW", so for drama Howie will last longer than he should, so will Sarah, all the producers care about is keeping u
              I think the only definite finalists will be Tre, he is a good chef and he hits a needed demographic, Hung, because he is a good chef and his frenetic cooking style, there will be a woman, most likely Casey and as to the fourth....good guess...Dale will ultimately get eliminated and I think CJ probably does to(lack of any drama)...probably Brian....and I think Howie will probably be in the final 5.....