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Top Chef Final Four Predictions (SPOILER)

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Hung- Has to be the favorite but needs to turn it up a notch.
Tre- Will get to the final four if he can survive next week and the smoked potats
CJ- Should do enough to make final four. Not sure he can win
Brian- Front of the room may do him in plus he only knows seafood.

Sleeper- Howie- needs to get the risotto straightened out. Can win it all for sure.

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  1. My final four are
    Tre-Think he has the whole package, great chef, calm, gets along with others.
    Casey- Early on I would have writen her off but she is a team player and has a head for flavors.
    Hung- I can't stand him but he has enough knowledge to get him in the top four.
    CJ- Probably becuase I think he is charming but I think as he gains more confidence he can do well.
    I"m rooting for Tre to take the whole thing

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    1. re: bubbles4me

      I have to agree with your picks. I think both Brian and Howie are one-trick ponies and unless they can make something good outside of their comfort range, they may not make it any farther. Brian is stuck on seafood and Howie's results seem to be disastrous when he veers away from pork, so I can't really see either of them making it to the final 4.

    2. In decreasing order of probabilities:
      Tre-Stealth candidate that is not so stealth. Everyone else has praised him here so we all know what he can do, despite the bad night.
      Hung-Not so stealth candidate. Too loud, too arrogant, too full of himself, also too talented. Can't ignore the guy, although I desperately want to.
      CJ-Low keyed, does everything to a consistent level. Not flashy just good and solid, not as solid and original as Tre, but in the same mode.

      Brian/Casey-It all depends on who has the brain freeze moment, like the Sriracha ice cream, or yet another ceviche or raw shellfish with a funky granita.

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      1. re: Phaedrus

        I'm going to have to agree with you but I also think that Casey could overtake C.J. in a few weeks, if she doesn't go the Sriracha ice cream route again. C.J. has been TOO under the radar, with not enough stellar showings to be up in the final four. I just think Brian, however, is going to flame out. He's just too one-note with the seafood for me.

        And like bubbles, I'm rooting for Tre to take the whole thing. I disagree with Sobe that Hung is the favorite - he's just been too argumentative with the judges and hasn't really proven himself, except with the roach coach team win, and the 8/15 seemingly "best of the worst" placing in the create your own restaurant "almost win".

        1. re: LindaWhit

          I agree on Hung. I think he'll go overboard trying to show how smart he is and flame himself right out the door. Why did he do so well in the mobile kitchen and rest. wars? Because he was toned down and simplified. If he keeps that up, he could go far. But I don't know if his ego will allow that.

      2. I'm going with Casey (they will want a female, and she is the best one left, not to mention a pretty good cook in her own right from what we've seen), Tre (solid skills, his mistakes like the smoked potatoes are "big" but not crippling), Howie (I think he'll sneak in over CJ and everyone will be upset over the "what have you done today" instead of the total body of work) and Brian (strong seafood skills, competent in other areas, and doesn't take big risks that can go really far south...which is why Hung ain't on this list.)

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          1. re: kenito799

            I'll second Kenito799, and if it isn't Casey, it'll be CJ.

          2. One thing worth noting on Hung: he only takes the highly experimental "crash and burn" approach in the quick fire challenges. When an elimination is on the line, he excels. The only times he's been in the bottom of an elimination is in the Latin Lunch, where I'm convinced his dish was fantastic out of the oven but suffered as it continued to cook in the catering boxes, and in the Freezer Burn, where 100% of the blame lies with Joey. That said, he still doesn't have any wins under his belt, so I don't see him taking home the title.

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            1. re: Morton the Mousse

              I disagree that 100% of the blame should have fallen on Joey. Hung is so loudmouthed at other times with his demands - why did he cave in to Joey and NOT freeze their components separately when he KNEW that's what should have been done? Yes, Joey outweighed him by a whole other person, but he still should have made his point, vs. letting Joey take the fall. But I guess that's part of the "game."

            2. First this is a "SHOW", so for drama Howie will last longer than he should, so will Sarah, all the producers care about is keeping u watching...so:
              I think the only definite finalists will be Tre, he is a good chef and he hits a needed demographic, Hung, because he is a good chef and his frenetic cooking style, there will be a woman, most likely Casey and as to the fourth....good guess...Dale will ultimately get eliminated and I think CJ probably does to(lack of any drama)...probably Brian....and I think Howie will probably be in the final 5.....

              1. Hung and Tre are the best cooks. Of the two, I think Tre is the better chef. Hung is such a spazzzz.

                Sara M might get there cuz she had all the guys buzzing with her being nude in the jacuzzy and all.

                CJ has the skills and he's tall so, naturally, everyone thinks he's a leader.

                I like Casey because she is pretty.

                Hung, Tre, Casy, CJ

                Howie can cook but I don't think he can lead a busy kitchen.

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                1. re: Pretty Gourmet

                  There is no way Sara makes it. If I could find a bookie who would allow me to place a wager on such things, I would bet my house. She'll be out this time next week.

                  1. re: Pylon

                    Next week might be a two-fer since they deferred the judgment on this week.

                    1. re: Phaedrus

                      I agree. I think this might be the week Sara and Howie go home. Howie's definitely a wild card though, he could pull out something great. Maybe Brian will make ANOTHER mixed seafood dish and they'll finally notice...

                2. OK- I predict Hung, Howie, Casey, and Tre.

                  Bravo seems to have a trick where they start giving the final four more airtime about midway through the season. I think they do this to artifially create drama so there is a real "good guy" and "bad guy" to root for. They did this in Season One. Early in the season Tiffany faded into the background but they started to portray her as a villan about midway through the season. The same goes for the Marcel/Ilan drama.... the editors really stated hitting that storyline hard midway through Season Two. Now the past few epidodes, Howie is getting alot of aitime for being a jerk. If Bravo continues that formula, Howie is sure to be a contender for a top spot.

                  Same goes for Hung. I feel like Bravo has been grooming him to be a top contender and a villan from the first moment we saw him in the All Star challenge (and of course his tie to Marcel was mentioned). Hung has yet to really prove himself so I'm not sure why he is still there. If Bravo continues the formul, I'm sure we will see him through to the end. On a side note, Hung does not seem like a jerk at all. He seems like a pretty nice guy who works well with the others. He is a bit arrogant and high strung, but I've seen much worse.

                  Casey is a good cook, and has come on top in many challenges. Plus, she is the strongest female contender.

                  Tre absolutely deserves to take the prize. He is the complete package.

                  1. So I think I am seeing consensus:

                    The next new restaurant to come on the scene next year: Chez Tre, tres bon!

                    1. I'm the only one who's picking Dale, huh? Ok. My final four:
                      Dale - He's not afraid to try new things, but also knows when not to over-complicate, such as with the peach cobbler ice cream.
                      Tre - Very strong in almost every challenge. He's quiet, keeps his head down and produces good results.
                      CJ - Not a natural leader, as shown by the way he handed over exec chef duties to Sara, even though he hand picked the team, but a good chef.
                      Hung - I think he's too arrogant and closed to criticism to win, but he's also too damn skilled and creative not to make the final four.

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                      1. re: ajs228

                        I think this is the 4 that deserves to be in the final 4, but Brian (who I think might actually cook better than CJ or even Dale but needs to branch out more and also relax) or Casey might sneak in there still. I don't think calling Brian a one-trick pony is all that fair though because in my experience, cooking seafood can be the most challenging skill of all the 'meats'.

                      2. Well I said IF Tre could survive this week...
                        I'll move Howie into the new Final Four and make Sara the new sleeper

                        1. Ok now that Tre is out I really have no idea.

                          But my final four (and I really have no idea if this will be it with the way things are going) is:


                          I couldn't decide between Dale or CJ...its a tough one. I hope its CJ just because I really like him and think he's hot. (Doesn't have so much to do with cooking).

                          Who the winner will be...no idea!

                          1. WOW is all I can say...Tre was on every single person's list! I think Hung is the favorite now...and Sara, Howie, Brian as my new final four choices.

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                            1. re: kenito799

                              I knew Tre would be gone from the fact that he's still cooking at Abacus. Many times the final four tend to leave their current positions. Heard Hung is looking to come to NY. Howie left Food Gang. So my bet is that those two will be in the finals.

                            2. Now that Tre is gone, so sad.....
                              Sara- my new favorite for showing serious chef leadership in the kitchen. she brought out the best in all of them.
                              Hung- shut up and cook dude
                              The rest? I could take em or leave em
                              Brian- do something for god's sake, make some duck
                              Cj- burned every bridge with his mealy expression when commenting on Tre's bread pudding, and gross lobster dish. he aint that cute
                              Casey- pack your dull knives and go
                              Dale- I'm a Chicago native, represent

                              1. Now that Tre is gone....tear...
                                I vote
                                Hung, Casey, Brian and Howie

                                I know Sara was great in this episode, but has she ever been good before? I don't get where this came from and her personality annoys me, she's so cocky. I personally don't think CJ is a strong suit of any kind, and Dale...well I just don't see him in the finals at all. There's my pick!


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                                1. re: Chew on That

                                  it's depressing that Casey can't even chop and onion ...did you see the knife she used last night??
                                  ..and chances are she will make it to the final 4.


                                  1. re: Monti

                                    It seemed inexpicable to me as well.
                                    Reportedly (source: Bravo/TopChef website), her knives were not sharpened and, as a result, she changed knives at least once. I assume from a chef's knife to that bread slicer Bravo showed her using.
                                    My guess is she knew what she was doing, at least technically but was caught with her pants down by not having her knives ready to go. She may not have great knife skills or speed but I just can't imagine there is anyone working in a professional kitchen who doesn't know how to dice onions.

                                2. Aside from the onion chopping moment (REALLY not sure what she was thinking, I mean even if you're slow, you can still at least appear rushed)...I think she has been strong, did you see her in the Cooking Bee? She knew all of her ingredients so well, and she has cooked some good food. We'll see what happens with her.

                                  1. Now that Tre's out...*sigh*

                                    I have a feeling Sara's going to be a dark horse. She's been fairly quiet (except when she and Howie are teamed up) so far, but she's finally shown that she can run a kitchen. I don't recall her being on the bottom on any Quickfire. She's come out on bottom on the Elmination a couple of times, but that's it.

                                    I can see either Hung or Howie crash and burn at any moment. Sure, Hung's melded himself in the background the last couple of episodes, but I don't know if his ego will get the better of him. I'm not convinced Howie can do the same.

                                    I have no idea about Casey. She's got the chops, but she really needs to step it up a bit to be a serious contender.

                                    Dale? Maybe. As someone else said, he's not afraid to try new things and he's a solid team player.

                                    I can't see CJ or Brian around much longer. If I had to pick between them, I'd see CJ leaving first. There's just something about him I can't put a finger on that makes me think he's going to be getting in over his head as the show continues.

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                                    1. re: xo_kizzy_xo

                                      I don't know that CJ has a lot of commercial kitchen experience. He's billed on the show as being a "private chef", which implies that he's cooking for smaller parties, maybe in a home kitchen. Tre even said that CJ didn't have any line cook experience. That's probably what will wind up costing him.

                                    2. Hung all the way. I like his energy, and spontaneity, and so what if he stands up for himself. He should! Casey has done some great things, but I dont think she has what it takes to be top chef. Sara, I like her, the other guys just don't have what it takes to go over the top. So I stop here.

                                      1. First, on Top Chef it's not necessarily a final four: season one had a final three, and season four had a final four, which they presented as an exceptional circumstance.

                                        Second, "spoiler" is used to indicate either that the post contains information that is inside information about something that has not yet been broadcast or otherwise been made public or that the post contains information that may "spoil" the episode for people who haven't seen it yet.

                                        Opinions and speculation are not spoilers.

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                                        1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                          I think the "spoiler" tag is fair warning given you don't know where the thread will go. Over time, the outcome could be spoiled once the topic is out of the bag. I'd rather get a warning and find nothing then not get a warning.

                                          1. re: ML8000

                                            True, but isn't this like crying wolf? By giving warning a priori to an actual spoiler, and no spoiler eventually turns up, you are defeating the purpose while also mitigating the use of the spoiler tag.

                                            1. re: Phaedrus

                                              I'm in the camp with people who think the spoiler label is misused on this post. Happily, I don't think too many people will be mislead by it's use. After all, the word "prediction" and "spoiler" are contradictory. Since the finalists for TC aren't yet decided, anyone who reads this thread now realizes the word "prediction" is the operative word.

                                              1. re: Indy 67

                                                However, as the thread has progressed, there have been posts that reflect the outcome of the most recent show as of the date of the post, which could indeed be a spoiler for someone who has not yet seen that episode. Given the outcry over Top Chef threads that didn't say "spoiler", seems to me better safe than sorry.

                                                1. re: MMRuth

                                                  Any thread on the topic could potentially contain information that could spoil a show someone hasn't seen. Personally, if you haven't seen the most recent episode and hate being spoiled, take responsibility yourself and don't read any threads on the topic until you have!

                                                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                                    I totally agree with that - I was just pointing out that it is possible that there are spoilers in this thread - or things that were, at one time, spoilers.

                                                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                                      You're right...and I think that's why the "spoiler" tag is useful. At least there's a warning and that's good.

                                                      1. re: ML8000

                                                        Here's a spoiler: Over at Amuse-biatch there is a link to Eater LA where they have figured out that 1. The secret destination tonight is NYC and 2. CJ is a "finalist"...most likely that means top 4 but maybe it means top 2. Yecch...I want him out, but I think he is the most competitive of the group and will do whatever it takes to stay in there.

                                                        They also speculate that Dale or Casey will be eliminated tonight.

                                                        We'll soon find out how good EaterLA's detective work is.

                                                        1. re: kenito799

                                                          OK, spoiler/speculation...Just because CJ traveled in the vicinity of Aspen around the time they were filming late episodes means diddly squat on this show -- don't they always bring back recently eliminated chefs to be sous chefs to those left in the elimination? And I think "finalist" is too vague a word in these TV competitions to mean anything significant.

                                                            1. re: phee

                                                              My thoughts exactly when Casey won and CJ was sent home. ;-)

                                                              1. re: phee

                                                                Exactly! I, for one, an glad they were wrong!

                                              2. So sad that Tre is gone. I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed with who is left and the creativity in the dishes being made. I know the episodes are already filmed but I sure wish they'd try a different approach from the "Here is $50, feed 300 people". Is it just me or is this the theme of every episode? I'd love to see a show of decadence. Give them a grand each and let them feed their mom...or me :)

                                                1. At this point, I think Casey and Hung have the best chances. I vote them for the top 2!

                                                  1. My top 3 are Casey, Dale and Hung. Brian needs to go. I like Sara-- I just think the other 3 are better.

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                                                    1. re: madisoneats

                                                      After last night's show, I have to agree with you. Brian's about to fizzle out with his seafood fetish. Although I'm still not sure about Hung.

                                                      1. re: LindaWhit

                                                        OK, now I really want Brian to be eliminated next, but i have a sinking feeling that it will be Sara. I think Hung and Casey will definitely be there. Hopefully Dale.

                                                        Sara going would be too bad because I think she has made more consistently delicious food than Brian, who has really been screwing up or producing mediocre stuff (or nothing) the last few weeks. I think she makes great comfort food. Since we seem to know so little about her life, if they start in with in depth Sara-focus next week, we know she will be gone!

                                                        1. re: kenito799

                                                          Yeah, the editors are a bit transparent that way. I hope it's not Sara either. Brian SO needs to go. The judges have been wishy-washy on him for so long; perhaps everything will come to a head next week.

                                                          I wasn't really listening to next week's previews - I'm assuming they're finally going to be *in* NYC vs. at the airport? LOL

                                                          1. re: LindaWhit

                                                            They will be cooking at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan! It looks like it will be good. It seems that LeeAnne works there and she is really excited, saying that her blog will be really long next week.

                                                            1. re: kenito799

                                                              LeeAnne also works for Top Chef!

                                                              Unfortunately (because I don't like his style at all) I think Hung will really shine at FCI, and Casey and Brian are going to go down. Which one will be sent home will depend upon who shows the worst. I'm speculating that classic techniques will be highllighted, and I don't think either of them have any to spare.

                                                              However, seems to me that "Top Chef" is about leading a team as much as about "the food." To date, neither Casey nor Hung -- whom most of you now see as frontrunners -- have exhibited any leadership, chefwise.

                                                              1. re: ChefJune

                                                                "I'm speculating that classic techniques will be highllighted, and I don't think either of them have any to spare."
                                                                According to TV Guide's website, the episode on 9/19 is about: "The remaining chefs attempt to recreate a signature dish by guest judge Sirio Maccioni. Afterwards, they try to please the precise palates of various noted chefs. André Soltner is also guest judge."

                                                                So "classic techniques" will definitely be under scrutiny with the pedigree of the two stated guest judges!

                                                            2. re: LindaWhit

                                                              As much as like Brian as a person, I'm with you. If he isn't sent packing next week, I'm going to start wondering what drugs the judges are on.

                                                      2. My four:


                                                        Final two? I honestly don't know. It can go a million ways.

                                                        Part of me hopes that either Casey or Sara wins, but if Dale should win, I won't be upset either.

                                                        Hung? He knows his food and he's got the techniques down pat, but I don't know...there's something about him that's always rubbed me the wrong way. Arrogance, I suppose? I'm not sure.

                                                        1. Ok, I only hit 2 of the 4. I plan on getting the final two correct plus the winner. Stay tuned...