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Fraunces Tavern?

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Hick from Missouri needs to know. Is this place a tourist trap or worthy for lunch?

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  1. Fraunces Tavern is fine, but definitely not worth going out of your way for and overpriced for what it is.

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      It's just a bar that's really old. Nothing special.

    2. It's interesting historically and the building is great. It's not particularly expensive for lunch and is a good area for sightseeing.

      1. When I worked downtown, I used to meet business associates here for breakfast - it's quiet, comfortable, and not totally overpriced. A good time to see the place if it's on your list.

        1. I haven't been in a while. But when I was there it didn't seem touristy. It seemed more of a business lunch crowd. It seemed a little pricey but wasn't too bad. It's a beautiful space/building.

          1. awesome.

            for a historic building, the bar portion is terrible. it's like a 1988 bar outside boston. the restaurant has mediocre food for way too much money.

            it's a shame but definitely a bad idea.

            1. I disagree with the negative reviews. I think the food at Frances Tauvern is quite tasty and the historical aspects of the restaurant are very interesting. Especially if you are visiting New York!

              If you do go, be sure to try the custard dessert they have. It's great!