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Aug 16, 2007 04:34 PM

Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free cake?

My boyfriend and I are on a 'cleanse' diet as a part of my naturopathic treatment, but it's his birthday this weekend and I'd really like to make him a cake if I can.

I have no idea if it's even possible with how much we can't eat right now (I don't have a lot of cooking/baking experience), but we made some wonderful cookies the other day, so I thought it might be!

Anyway we can't have the following:
any sweetener but stevia (including molasses, honey etc)
strawberries, grapefruit, banana, melon, oranges
any oil but extra virgin olive oil
corn, potato, or soy based products

The cookes we made had:
sweet potatoes
rice flour
tapioca flour
gluten-free/corn-free baking powder
olive oil
apple juice

Any suggestions would really be appreciated!

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  1. I think that a piece of fruit with a candle in it might be your only choice. Or delay the bday celebration until another time... Or make the cookies again.

    Sounds rough.

    1. Can I ask about your cookies?

        1. hmm, i'd thought i might be limited to the fruit and a candle idea!

          we found the cookies here:

          thanks for the website suggestion!

          1. hmmm... I have a friend who's son is allergic to most of those things, except sugar...and for his b-day she just makes a allergen free version of rice crispie treats (he is mildly allergic to marshmallows, but heh the kids got to live!).

            Anyway, I have never cooked with stevia, so I don't know. But you could make a nut based crust...oh can you have prunes or raisins? If so, blend some with some nuts and salt and blind bake - watch carefully! Fill with some wonderful fresh nectarines, and top with some whipped coconut cream (the thick stuff on the top of the coconut milk can). (you may want to google how to do this - I saw it in a allergy cookbook once).