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Aug 16, 2007 04:04 PM

Has anyone been to the new "Parkdale Drink"

Just wondering whether anyone has checked out the Parkdale Drink, as I am interested in going tomorrow night and was wondering what the prices for dinner and drinks are like?

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  1. it is owned by the girl from restaurant makeovers saigon flower.....

    1. Great ambiance,good food and drinks....only opened last weekend but tastes's a young couple that own and started it up...great possibilities...I went to opening night party...will definitely go back especially when then begin Brunch soon...Miranda

      1. I live around the corner from the Parkdale Drink, so I've given it a few tries in the several months it's been open. Both service and food have been inconsistent, and never great. Our visit last night will definitely be our last - the steak sandwich consisted of cold steak on a refrigerator-cold bun with a smear of blue cheese, also icy cold (although the fries were good). I've overlooked staff who didn't know anything about the menu or wine list, bad music, even the visit before Christmas where we were actually seated before the server disappeared into the kitchen, had an argument with someone, and then emerged to tell us the restaurant was booked for a private function (!) but the food was so bad this time that we won't go back.