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Pork Shoulder Emergency - Which Butchers Carry It?

Just hit the Whole Foods on Houston to buy (uncooked) pork shoulder for a party I'm having this weekend and they say none of their stores carry it. Where can I buy pork shoulder in NYC? Downtown butcher counters preferred. Thanks!

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  1. Flying Pigs at the Union Square Farmer's Market. Check with them to see when they are there

    1. I think almost all big grocery stores that sell fresh meat in Chinatown carry pork shoulder.

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        the unboned is a great deal too, and most chinatown butchers carry that, quite inexpensive at around $1.59 a pound or so. almost too inexpensive!

      2. Ottomanelli's on Bleecker always has it. I just bought a 8lber on the bone a couple of weeks ago.

        1. I had a pork shoulder emergency last summer - compounded with the problem that many butchers in NYC are closed on either Sat or Sun or both in the summer. And often tough to get bone-in. There is a butcher near Bloomingdale's - on Lex in the low 60s I think that carries them or can get for you next day. I ended up ordering mine from the butcher in Chelsea Market...

          1. Why Faicco's Pork Store on Bleeker, of course. Far superior to Ottomanelli's down the street...and quite a bit cleaner, too!

            1. You think people that shops in Whole Foods actually know what to do with a pork shoulder? HAHA!

              1. Fiacco pork shop on bleecker is sure to take of you. If not Florence Prime meats on Jones street can handle your needs.

                1. I would've been surprised to hear that Whole Foods did have it.

                  Unless you're specifically looking for a specialty butcher, try Western Beef over on 16th-ish Street not too far east of 10th Ave. Or the Pioneer supermarket on Columbus and 74th St, or probably any supermarket in a non-luxurified neighborhood (or considering the current state of Manhattan, a neighborhood that has only recently been luxurified)...

                  1. Almost every major grocery store carries it!!! This is not an exotic cut.How do u think all the pernil's are made from-even the lowliest of food chains have pork shoulder.

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                      I'm making pernil for a dinner party tomorrow and have no intention of scouring the city. I'm just walking across the street to Pioneer to pick up the biggest shoulder they have after work. UES Mayor is right -- almost EVERY market I've been to has it. If your preference is downtown, you can go to the Essex Market and get "pernil," otherwise Western Beef, Associated, Metro or Key Foods all sell pork shoulder for $1.25/lb. or less. Jefferson Market and Ottomanelli's can special order pork shoulder, though you will not have the choice of bone-in or out (and will charge you 3x the price).

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                        Not exactly true, UESMayor - especially in the UES where I live as well. In grocery stores (even the lowly ones) where it's tough to find a package of ground beef that weighs over a pound, it is tough to get something that size. Exotic - no. But easy to find? No as well. I have found more success with butchers and specialty shops over grocery stores. (By the way - I always enjoy and almost always agree with your posts)

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                          Missjeanne-Key food always has it-and very economical. You can go to Food emporium and pay twice the price.We might be neighbors!

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                            FWIW - Murphy's, by my apartment, does not have it (not that they are a full scale butcher), no did Whole Foods on 7th Avenue, though they do cary pork butt.

                      2. I'd try calling Ottomanelli's on Bleecker.

                        1. When I do pork shoulder for a party, I usually just order from Fresh Direct, because they give a nice discount for a large chunk of meat and their meat is always dependable. Sounds like this a possibility for you. You should be able to find shoulder at any grocery, but if you want a really good price, maybe scope Chinatown or Alphabet City?

                          1. Any butcher would have it.. I would try Florence or Ottomaneli, depdning on what is closer.. The next thing is, what are you doing with it?
                            Faicco's Pork Store, as someone who lives outside the hood, has never really excited me.. Or made me think I could get something so good there, I needed to travel.