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Aug 16, 2007 03:31 PM

Tapastre in Somerville, NJ

I just saw an ad for this place on West High Street in Somerville. I thought I knew all the restaurants in Somerville but this one is new to me. Anyone been? Comments?

According to the ad, the restaurants offer mainly tapas dining, which certainly appeals to me, but the on-line menu looks overly ambitious. Also, the wine selection appears very limited.

Would certainly appreciate any info before I trek to Somerville to check out this place.

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    ambrose i'm responding to your posting. I own Tapastre and IL Pomodoro
    2 restaurants in the same 1840~ building.My input maybe bias but my exec-chef and his staff are able to pull off our seasonal menu and the wines are country/region specific to he foods' country/region......... we all would be hard-pressed to find a Moroccan wine
    that could compete with a French/Italian/Spanish wine but the intend was food/spices/herbs and wines from specific country. For wine lovers IlPomodoro's extensive wine list is available. thanks 908.526.0505 or 908.526.4466 x14 (IlPomo office) thanks john

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      tapastre AKA: John
      Where are you located in terms of an exit off the GSP or the Tpke?

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        best bet from tpke/gsp to 287 N/ rt 22 W/ N Bridge St (just before Bridgewater Mall). exit to right over rt22 1st R 1ST left is N Bridge St Somerville 3rd light on right corner
        I'll put a mapquest link on the TAPASTRE page

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          I'm sending family member's your link. They live in NJ and enjoy fine dining. They usually end up in the City but they are looking to expand their NJ
          dining experiences/choices .
          Thanks for the information. :-}
          FYI. Mapquest often gives the worst directions. Frequently they will show the most bizarre, AKA: longest route possible. I have no idea why, but it happens often. Before you post, try it out and see what it shows.

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        Thanks for the additional info. Since my original post in August, I've learned more about Tapastre. I knew Il Pomodoro had reopened but I did not realize that Tapastre was in the same building.

        1. re: ambrose

          If you happen to dine at Tapastre, would you kindly post your impressions?
          I'm already impressed that the owner cares enough to review this site. It leads me to believe that he is interested to read feedback from posters , AKA: patrons /potential patrons. That's encouraging.

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          I just ate at Tapestre and I thought it was very unique and interesting. The menu had a great selection. The appetizer-like servings seemed smaller than appetizers I've had in the past. They were tasty though The service was good, but when they brought the various selections we had to ask several times for plates. I felt uncomfortable putting my used fork back on the bare table after I was finished with the first course as they would take everything away. Wine list I thought was good. Definitely a place to try. Il Pomordor o is very good as well.

        3. Four of us had dinner at Tapastre about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I thought the place was really nice and everything we sampled was great. The space itself is beautiful and was even decorated for Halloween (with skeletons sitting at the outside tables). Service was perfect. What was most amazing was the price/value...our table ordered 12 tapas/10 adult beverages/2desserts and the bill w/o tip was only ~$205. This place is a winner, I would encourage people to visit, we'll certainly return. Looking at their website I see they restored the upstairs restaurant (Il Pomodoro), I haven't been there in several years bu based on Tapastre I am looking forward to re-trying that as well.