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Aug 16, 2007 02:48 PM

Dedham Costco now sells liquor

Had been away for a couple of weeks and went to the Dedham Costco today. Was surprised and delighted to find that they now sell alcohol. It appears to be the same as the other Costco liquor stores but they said it was a separate company, that's how they get around the state law of 3 stores allowed to sell liquor. Also, you don't need to be a member to shop there. Wondering if anyone has any feedback on prices/selections.

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  1. They had to get approval from the Town of Dedham in a Town Meeting and that took some years.

    They have an excellent selection of wine - largest seller in the US. The liquor selection is very limited and fancy liqueurs are almost non-existent. Wine prices are good.

    1. They have many of the same selections as the other "completely" Costco liquor stores, but not everything, and some things Costco doesn't usually carry, according to one of the guys who works there. I did notice some things, particularly French roses that I hadn't seen in other Costco stores. Prices for same items were equivalent. I'm very happy to see them there.

      1. I was excited to see the liquor shop added to "my local" Costco where I shop about twice per month, but the only items I priced were all several dollars each less where I usually purchase them, at Blanchards. I was surprised but for now I'll by my food and rotisserie chicken at Costco and my booze at Blanchards....

        1. Anyone know if they carry Kirkland vodka?

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            I too have been enjoying the Dedham Costco liquor store. It is independently owned, therefore they will not be able to carry the Kirkland spirits and wines (BTW the Kirkland wines, esp the Shiraz, are excellent). The good news is the owners are excited and enthusiastic and want suggestions for wines. The selection they have started with has been very good.

          2. What's the beer selection like?

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              We bought a few cases of Corona for $20.99. They had Corona Light, Bud, Bud Light, Coors, Miller Lite, Sam, Sam Summer and Heineken.

              We too found the owners were excited and enthusiastic and they told us that as they buy more the prices can get lower since they are not allow to sell below cost by law. We also checked and they were about the same or a little less than the Waltham Costco. We got a few cases of Kris Pinot Grigio, we like just as much as Santa Margherita, for $8.99 which is a $1 to $3 less. We figured out that we saved at least $100 on our fine wines!! We got some Hewitt, Dunn Howell and Caymus Special Selection and other wines at really good prices.

              If you like Johnnie Walker Blue, they have it for $169.99 so we got one for the holidays coming up. We glad to see this store in Dedham.