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Aug 16, 2007 02:44 PM

odd-smelling Evian

A few days ago, I bought a plastic liter bottle of Evian at Whole Foods in
NY. I took a few sips from it later that day, and smelled something odd.
I realized the smell was coming from the bottle; even though the water
looked clear, there was a moldy smell. (Years ago, I actually drank
from a bottle of Fiji Water that had mold growing in it; I was not looking
at the bottle, and the flowery design obscured this gross mold, very long story....
certainly never bought Fiji again; they acted like they didn't believe me,
even though their rep came to my bldg. and SAW the bottle.)
Anyway, this time I kept the bottle,
e-mail the Danone group, provided them with all the pertinent info, and
spoke to them today. They forwarded my e-mail to quality control, and
they said that if a bottle is stored improperly somewhere along the approx.
2-month chain from spring to store, it can get this odd taste. They are
sorry for the inconvenience, and are sending me coupons. Now, I can
take this bottle back and get my $1.89 or whatever, but that's not the
point. INCONVENIENCE? What did I ingest, is more like it. Has
anyone ever had this problem, and how did you handle it?


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  1. Closest I've come is a diet coke that was expired. Tasty nasty, but not moldy. Yikes.

    1. Common with bottled waters especially in the summer.

      Its most likely bacteria.

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      1. re: tom porc

        Seems very unlikely that it would be bacteria in Evian, several years ago they had a problem with their cleaning fluid that was detected by unrelated scientists using the water as a 'blank' or control to calibrate instruments, since then Evian is very thorough in its QA.

        More likely the water was sitting someplace too long and has lost more than the usual amount of dissolved oxygen.

        Another remote possibility is that the container was degrading.

      2. I had a odd tasting Fiji water once

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        1. re: budlit

          I thought that odd taste was the standard taste of Fiji water ;-)

          1. re: orangewasabi

            Really? I like fiji water, just one time is smelled and tasted chloriney

        2. I had a similar problem with a whole case of water from Trader Joe's (crystal geyser).

          There was an odd smell to it, kind of moldy, kind of like plastic. It seemed to be coming from the lid.

          I took it back and TJ's gladly exchanged it (I tried a fresh bottle before leaving the store).

          That was two years ago.

          I don't buy bottled water any longer except for a couple of cases to keep on hand for emergencies in my earthquake kit.

          1. Evian, Fiji, as well as many other bottled waters or spring waters are just bottled tap water, which explains the mold growth in a confined and dark space.

            Evian is "naive" spelled backwards, as they say.

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            1. re: HungWeiLo

              We recently did a blind water tasting for a local publication. All the water was at room temp (so you can taste it) and served in little paper cups. Fiji and Aquafina were at the top. Evian lost to city water!

              1. re: mojoeater

                i drank evian when it was in glass bottles yrs ago it was the most incredible stuff
                but.... after they went over to plastic their water tasted funny i find all bottled water in plastic tastes that way the palstic leaches its chem taste into the water

                1. re: foodperv

                  Unfortunately I drank straight from the suspect bottle, which would corrupt any
                  analysis of what's inside, according to the FDA, which I called years ago
                  after my horrendous experience with Fiji (big, thick, mold growing inside,
                  my own doctor recoiled at the site of it and actually called me unprompted
                  the next day to see if I was still kicking...)
                  spoke to the owner of Fiji who said it couldn't happen.... yada yada, will not
                  even go NEAR a bottle of Fiji again). Evian is not tap water, from what I know. Only Dasani & Aquafina are. Anyway, I'm not buying water in plastic too much anymore; I bought some Panna in glass bottles today; Panna is my favorite water anyway, it's just expensive. Unfortunately the water from my tap here in NYC smells chemical-ish and doesn't taste good so I got a Brita filter for the tap which fell off continually and only produced a trickle of water; so I exchanged this for a Brita container (plastic, they don't sell glass ones anymore) I'm using that water for coffee and tea. For now,
                  I'm holding onto my smelly bottle of Evian.... as evidence. Ugh!

                  1. re: KayMae

                    I'm surprised they didnt request the bottle to be mailed back for testing.

                2. re: mojoeater

                  I did my own taste test while traveling through Central Europe some time ago. It was an incredibly hot summer, and we did a pretty good amount of hiking. Evian was the only water that could really quench our thirst. The other stuff we would be downing litres and get bloated while we still felt parched. In my mind, it makes the best sports drink. It was all in plastic bottles.