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Aug 16, 2007 02:40 PM

Medford Square Market

I just returned, and I have to say that while still small, for a first year effort, this market is impressive!

Vendors were quite varied. Busa and Hmong farms were both offering beautiful produce with very little overlap in content. Highrise bakery had a veritable mountain of amazing breads, Danish Pastry house had decadent sweets, and the Medford square book shop cafe (sorry, can't remember the name) was also selling a variety of baked goods. Mama Mia was serving prepared italian dishes, and I think they also had a stash of fresh pasta for cooking at home too. There is a stand that sells vietnamese coffee, and one that has home made condiments for sale.

If you are in the area, please stop in and support this fledgeling effort - it's on River Street, just about accross the street from chili garden.

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  1. Can you provide time and day of the week information? Do you know how long into the fall the market will be running?

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    1. re: MSJ

      thursdays from 2-7, no idea how late into the season they plan to run

      1. re: MSJ

        The Medford Square Farmers Market is open every thursday 2-7 pm. and it will close
        on october 2nd 2007.

        1. re: phonelady

          It was too bad the Fish Ladies didn't stick it out for the first season.