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Aug 16, 2007 02:26 PM

Canning Apple Pie Filling?

I'd like to can (jar? Am I the only one bothered by the term "can" used to describe putting something in a glass jar?) some homemade apple pie filling for Christmas gifts for the family since I won't be able to attend christmas dinner with my traditional apple pie contribution.

I've got my apple pie recipe down, but I'm concerned about processing it to be shelf-stable and not poisoning my loved ones. I've got standard canning instructions for high acid foods (water bath, with various times etc) and low acid foods (need a pressure cooker). So what is apple pie filling? The recipes I've seen indicate it's high acid...but they all add a fair amount of lemon juice.

My regular apple pie recipe only includes enough lemon juice to stop the apples from browning while I slice them (i.e. ~1 tbsp for 2 pies worth) how much do I have to add to qualify this as a 'high-acid food'? In terms of per qt. jar or lbs of apples perhaps? Any guidance from the preserving gurus out there?

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  1. I'm no guru, but the key to using the low acid tables is to have a pH below 4.6. I posted links to the guidelines a while back --

    The FDA has a list of APPROXIMATE pH ranges -- I would by no means assume that fully processed recipes for "apple pie filling" is going to be in the high acid zone.

    EVEN if you use the high acid methods I would think that filling is going to have a very texture than a freshly baked pie would, might not it be better to make apple butter that may have some of the same spirit but in a form that would be far more useful?

    BTW I have frozen par-baked apple pies and they turn out pretty well frozen for as much a 4-6 weeks...

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      any thing that you would like to find out about a pressure cooker go to the website
      ( you will find alot about useing your pressure cooker there.
      I know I sure did.

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        The point is to make apple pie filling that my loved ones could dump into a pie shell, bake and Ta-Da! - Wawa Apple Pie. My pie recipe involves pre-cooking the filling, so while the texture might be slightly off from freshly made, it should be pretty close. Am I totally off here? Is this not going to work the way I think it will?

        Freezing isn't really an option since the pie would have to travel somewhere between 3 and 10 hours to make it to my various family members.

      2. Dunno.......but you might find useful information at this site:

        1. Hi, Found a receipe for pie filling that calls for 1 1/2 cups Clear Gel & 3/4 cup lemon juice along with the usual things. This is for 6 qts. of fresh sliced apples. The clear gel is for thickening.Can buy at Barry Farm Foods online. Flour is proven to be unsafe for this type of process. acid and flour will start to ferment. go bad quickly. Found on Good luck, Soffi