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can I have your top 3 pizza rest.thin crust,thick crust or sicilian Thanks vacationing from new jersey.

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  1. 1. Pizza Antica
    2. Paulines Pizza
    3. Arinells (mostly take-out)

    All thin crust.

    Pauline's Pizza
    260 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103

    Pizza Antica
    3600 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549

    Arinell Pizza
    509 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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    1. re: Fussy Foodie

      My friends from Long Island (who live in SF) tried Arinell's this week after I have bugged them for at least a year to try it. They LOVED it and said it was very much like Long Island pizza and that the crust was even better.

      1. Pizzetta 211 on California and 23rd Ave.

        There's nothing much like it on the East Coat (I grew up in New Haven): thin-crusted pizza (as good as one can get from a deck oven), daily-changing menu, and innovative toppings from the farmer's market. Delicious and special.

        It's tiny, however, so I'd only go at an "off" time- say, 2pm on a Sunday!

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        1. re: scenicrec

          Pizzetta is good but too many "rules". Kids are hardly welcome, no take out on weekends, cannot put two tables together outside, etc. I have simply given up on the place. The vibe is not very welcoming - too many choices to put up with the attitude.

          1. re: poulet_roti

            Plus, Pizzetta is soooo sloooooooow. Even if you are the only person there, it takes forever to get your food.

            1. re: poulet_roti

              In response to poulet, I agree with you that in the past the attitude of the staff was off-putting. However, the last time I was there (three weeks ago), it was an entirely new crew fom the one I was used to (including a long-time cook from Quince). They were speedy, proffessional, and polite.

              1. re: scenicrec

                Well I'll give it another shot sometime as the pizza is good. The experiences that I refer to above are only a few months old so the changes that you are referring to must be very recent. I have never attempted to give my money to a restaurant or business that put so many rules and conditions on their customers.

                On a more favorable note, I have recently become a big fan of Piccino over in Dogpatch. Excellent pizza, very thin, cracker like crust - not that dissimilar to Pizzetta, all served with a welcoming attitude.

          2. ditto A16 for upscale.

            For a true 'pizza restaurant' I'd go to L'Osteria del Forno

            1. Lots of people love Cheeseboard out in Berkeley. I'm not a huge fan since they always put onions on the pie and I hate onions. But it's very popular among locals.


              Cheese Board Pizza
              1512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709

              1. I'm from the northeast. I love the pies at A16 and Pizzeria Delfina.
                Also, Little Star has good thin crust, even better deep dish, give it a shot (there are two locations).

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                1. re: Grubbjunkie

                  So I went to Little Star the other night and admittedly did not order the signature dish which would be the deep dish. I went with the thin crust - basically run of the mill thin crust pie in my opinion, nothing exceptional. In fact, I wished I had just gone to Giorgio's on Clement. That said, there is a good vibe at Little Star - people enjoying themselves in a lively atmosphere. I should have ordered the deep dish - perhaps next time.

                  1. re: poulet_roti

                    Little Star's deep-dish Classic is one of the best pizzas in the area. Their thin crust is nothing special, though the pesto chicken special is a nice combination.

                    1. re: poulet_roti

                      Hmm, well to each his/her own. I really enjoy the white pie at Little Star - much more than the old-school pies at Giorgio's, which are fine but to me less exceptional. Regardless, for me a thin crust pie at Little Star is little more than an appetizer for the deep dish.

                      On a side note, we had a great pie at A16 again last night. I think it was the Romana, simple and pretty much perfect.

                  2. Pizzaiolo--thin/variable to med. thin, partly blistered wood-fired oven crust. A-16, same style, maybe a little more variation in the crust thinness. Little Star--thick, part cornmeal crust. La Nizza Bella, thin and somewhat more conventional ital-american than the first two. This is about the order I would rank them. Pizzaiolo will have local organic ingredients in the toppings, with combinations less confined by what non-californians might consider conventional. like the fresh monterey squid w. light scattering of soft mild cheese we had there last week. cheers

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                    1. re: moto

                      Good list. My top four are Pizzaiolo, A16, Nizza, and Tommaso's (which is more old-school Italian-American, big pies, thicker crust), in that order. They all have wood ovens, which to my taste is required for the best pizza.

                      Best of the places with gas deck ovens: Dopo, Delfina, Lanesplitter.

                      I like Little Star for deep-dish. Thin crust was to me just OK.

                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                        My two (three) cents

                        a) Tommaso's
                        b) Gialina
                        c) Milano's

                    2. Thin crust:
                      1. Picco Pizzeria
                      2. Pazzia
                      3. A16 -or- Pizzeria Delfina

                      1. 1) Pizzeria Pico (Larkspur)
                        2) A16
                        3) Tommaso's

                        (in Napa, Bistro Don Giovanni)

                        1. A16, Pizzeria Delfina,Pauline's Pizza

                          1. Absolutely Arinell's. My wife is a Jersey girl and that was the only place she was happy with when we lived in the Bay Area. Also on Lakeshore in Oakland try Arizmendi. Its a bakery but they sell pizza. Problem might be the hours as they close around 8 or 9PM

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                            1. re: local_guy

                              Arinell's is slice pizza of the "Ray's" style that's ubiquitous in New York City. It has been known to satisfy the cravings of some East Coast natives for that particular style of pizza.

                              Arizmendi's pizza is pretty much the same as Cheese Board's.

                            2. Pizzeria Gioia in Berkeley (crispy thin crust)

                              Here's the Gayot Review: http://www.gayot.com/restaurantpages/...

                              Gioia Pizzeria
                              1586 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94707