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Aug 16, 2007 01:45 PM

Providence's Shaw closing and other terrible supermarkets

Let me make no bones about it, I hate the supermarkets in Rhode Island. Can I even say in all of New England? What happened to all of the mom-and-pop grocery stores? Did they get swallowed up by the Corporate America black hole called Stop and Shop/Shaw's? I miss true variety, meat that actually looks like meat and reasonable prices. As supermarkets are getting bigger and bigger, I am finding less and less that I want to buy.

Perhaps you have heard that the Shaw's in Eagle Square is closing at the end of August. The store manager said that "It is rumored that another supermarket chain that is not in New England yet, may move into the location.". PLEASE, let that be true! If anyone has ever been to a Wegman's, you would also cross your fingers that a miracle could happen and we would get a good supermarket in this food town. (I willl even make due with a Price Chopper these days!)

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  1. Though I'm in CT, I can empathize with supermarket angst. I grew up going to Stop & Shop (after "Top Notch" closed) and now as an adult I find increased intolerance for long lines and bruised apples. It doesn't help that I'm a frequent shopper - I don't buy in bulk so my repeated trips add to the frustration.

    For meat, you might want to try to find a local meat producer that's open to the public. There's a place here (Bogner's) that actually sells meat to grocery stores. But the stuff they sell in their for-public store is excellent, and very inexpensive. I now find grocery store meat to be... humorous.

    I am rather addicted to Whole Foods. In some cases it's the same price as a grocery store. In some cases it's more, and in a few it's cheaper. But the overall quality, speedy lines, and Piave cheese have me hooked.

    BTW, Connecticut has Price Choppers, so I do indeed wonder what would be new to New England. Good luck in your quest for alternatives!

    1. I got some problems with eastside market and I used to go to shaws somewhat regularly. Isnt eastside market the type of thing your looking for????

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        Yes, Eastside is a little bit better. But I can't imagne buying 1 week worth of groceries from there because meat and other items are pretty expensive. I have found memories of IGA or Shurfine family owned grocery stores. No hype involved.

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          Would love to hear about your issues w/Eastside. I'm not crazy about it, but the produce has been much better lately.

          LOVELOVE Dave's, and Shore's rocks too. THE original Dave's was Dave's Fruitland, and it was an open-air (but w/roof) huge produce market, on Sandy Lane(??), right near Thayer Arena/Warwick Vets area of Warwick. Heh, near where the Star Market used to be. My grandparents lived near Rocky Point, and she did all of her shopping at Star Mkt and all produce at Dave's. I have great memories of just wandering around in there, the place smelling like corn in the summertime.

          Many years later, my OTHER grandmother (an Italian who shopped on the hill and from my grandfather's importing business and-----Ruggieri's Market in Cranston, you should try that place)----got a veal roast from Dave's for a Christmas dinner. It was fantastic. It made a semi-prepared food person out of her. Ruggieri's, though, is very good for deli and meat and whatever.

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          1. Check out Shore's in North Providence. Family owned, reasonable prices, weekly specials and a real honest to goodness butcher counter.

            1. wow - you really really need to get down to a dave's marketplace. the big one on division st in warwick/east greenwich is fantastic!. (opp movie theaters in the plaza with the outback steakhouse)

              there are a buncha locations statewide - maybe 6 or 7 - but this one's the flagship.

              great meats, great fresh & local produce, plus stuff you can't even get in east side marketplace or whole foods (condiments, many many typres of sugars, etc..)

              let us know how you make out-