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Aug 16, 2007 01:41 PM

Grill Room

Anybody have any reports on the Greg Sonnier-run Grill Room at the Windsor Court?

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  1. I hope we'll still be able to have somewhat of a "Gabrielley" food experience despite the fanciness. Looking forward to trying it after they've been open for awhile.

    1. Wow, looks like nobody's been, including me.

      1. One really bad experience, long pre-K, so I have yet to find a reason to try it again. Now, being a tourist nowadays, there are too many good places and too little time. They have had at least three new chefs and maybe two GMs, since my last visit, and I still have a comp'ed meal, but have had more places to try, rather than risk it.

        I hope that they are doing well and doing it right, as it is a good spot and a lovely venue. Maybe next time, or the next, after that.


        1. I cannot speak for myself so this is from two friends who have dined at the Grill Room within the last two weeks. Both friends raved about the food but disparaged the service. Apparently, the wait staff messed up orders and took forever to respond to simple requests. One in particular concerned a friend who requested his duck to be cooked medium. When the duck arrived well done he returned it and then 15 minutes later after everyone else at the table was almost finished their entrees, the server appeared at the table and said that they were all well done and that he would have to order something else.

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            The reason I've not tried it yet is because of those anticipated service issues, as is the case for several months after a chef-change. I can't wait to have Sonnier's (ex-Gabrielle) food again, but thanks for confirming that it's best to wait a while longer!