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Aug 16, 2007 01:24 PM

Bakery on 8th Ave &13th?

There's a little bakery/sandwich shop on 8th Ave right below 14th St. It's a tiny place, has amazing guava croissant, little cakes & things like that, good empanadas, decent sandwiches. It has a few tables & a very friendly cat. Does anyone know the place I'm talking about, and if you do, do you know the name??

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  1. do you mean 'snice? it's a bit below 13th st.
    is it on the east or west side of 8th? maybe the place near steven alan with the b/w cookies in the window...

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    1. re: Jck90

      I think that the poster is talking about the place near steven alan, west side of 8th ave, just below 14th st. Sorry but I don't remember the name but it's something generic like "coffee shop."

    2. It was mentioned in the following thread about empanadas. "Sweetheart Bakery" on the west side of 8th Avenue 1/2 block south of 14th Street.

      Subject: Re(1): Empenadas in Manhattan
      Name: mrnyc
      Posted: September 24, 2004 at 00:51:02

      i got the goods you want! SUCELT has a great variety. 14th street and 8th avenue. also, cuban SWEETHEART BAKERY nearby on 14th ave below 8th avenue has recently added new versions of their three basics empanadas of spinich, beef and chicken. now they have a ham&corn and also a tuna version too. overall SUCELTS are the best by far, and that is including RUEBENS and HAVANA too.

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        That's it! It's Sweetheart, and yes west side of the Ave, right near Shoegasm. I've been going nuts trying to remember that, lol! Thanks :)