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Aug 16, 2007 01:20 PM

Miami Restaurant in JP and David Ortiz

hah, ok, I couldn't resist posting this tidbit, but apparently Big Papi is a fan of Miami Restaurant, and some feel his waistline might be interfering with his power stroke. From the globe:

""I think David's got some extra weight," said Francisco Martes, owner of Los Caballeros II Market on Centre Street, who recalled seeing David Ortiz recently at nearby Miami Restaurant. "I saw this guy eating the other day, and he was eating 15 pieces of pork chop. Fifteen pieces! That's too much.""

OK, so who;s had the pork chops at Miami? They must be good!

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  1. Never had the pork chops, but they make an excellent, excellent Cubano.

    1. Dude was way fatter in 2004 and that didn't seem to cause any problems. Maybe those chuletas are going right to his knee.