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Chinese Food in London, Ontario?

I haven't really conducted a comprehensive search, but I can't say I've ever had decent Chinese food in London. Surely there must be a handful of better-than-the-rest places. Any suggestions?

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  1. I just lived in London for the last year and boy was I starved for good eats.

    I actually had chinese food at Dragon Court (I think) it's on oxford east of adelaide. It's pretty good there - don't have buffet. Order off the menu. Dim sum is decent too for london.

    I would actually highly recommend ben thanh - it's vietnamese, It's very good - the phos are heavenly. And if you get a chance, seafood laksa (which is more singaporean) will knock you off your feet. literally.

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    1. re: Apple

      I had a disappointing meal at Ben Thanh recently. I made a mistake of ordering their Yellow Curry Chicken- which had an unpleasant, almost chemical taste, in a very runny sauce. The salad rolls and vegetarian coconut sour soup were ok, but nothing special.

      What type of seafood comes in their laksa?

      Which phos do you recommend?


      1. re: phoenikia

        I am a simple girl - I like the rare beef pho but I can also recommend the seafood laksa. And the avocado shake. yum.... Ben Thanh saved my days in London.

        Sorry to hear you had a disappointing meal - never ate anything else there. (Always ordered rare beef pho or the laksa ;) )

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          Thanks Apple. I'll give them another try, and stick with one of your recommendations.

    2. I lived in London for 4 years while at Western, and all the Chinese people I know, including myself, order take out from Jade Palace.

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        Jade Palace doesn't exist anymore.

      2. Hong Ping at 339 Horton St. E.(at Waterloo St.) serves hot pot as well as the standard dishes. http://www.lfpress.com/cgi-bin/publis...

        Kambie on Horton is another option.

        Ken's Chinese Restaurant at 699 Wilkins Street in south London, is great for dim sum. It is better than most of the dim sum I've found in Toronto. I haven't tried the regular menu at Ken's.

        1. Terrific - thanks everyone! I have tried Hong Ping before, but only the takeout - I'll have to give the hot pot a try. Now that I have some other suggestions, I'll try to work my way through them.

          1. I'd also recommend Tasty Coast, on Springbank Drive. Their menu is available at http://www.4u2go.ca/london-ontario-re...

            I tried them Tasty Coast yesterday, and found everything to be quite good. Generous portions, good quality ingredients, and a more interesting menu than most London, ON Chinese restaurants.

            I really liked their wonton with spicy peanut sauce, but I'd probably skip the spring rolls in a future order (Nicely fried, but mostly cabbage and carrot inside). The Shanghai noodles included a generous amount of meat and tender shrimp, and the Buddha's Feast was a little bland (as it often is) but full of a nice variety of fresh and crisp vegetables. They also have a few Indonesian and Malaysian dishes on the menu that I might try another time.

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            1. re: phoenikia

              I too enjoyed Tasty Coast, it was definitely a cut above the average London Chinese joint. I can confirm that there are a few Indonesian and Malaysian dishes on the menu (Nasi Goreng etc.) but I was disappointed that their rijsttafel (rice table) was comprised of Chinese food as opposed to Indonesian food. The rice table menu changes every two weeks so perhaps I was just unlucky, but I was a little disappointed not to get a legit Dutch-Indonesian rijsstafel...

              1. re: option13

                Yes, definitely stick to the Chinese dishes at Tasty Coast.

                Unfortunately, we haven't had a good place in London for rijsstafel since the 70s...there used to be a place called Hof Van Hollan at Oakridge Mall! Neither of which exist in 2010!

                Another place, Dragonfly Bistro offers a "rijstafel" on Monday nights, but it was more like a combo plate with 3 dishes- one beef, one veg, one noodle, IIRC. Not exactly rijsstafel in my books. Not as tasty as I would have hoped, either.

                If you are craving Indonesian food (not rijsstafel, though), and happen to be in KW, I recommend Bhima's Warung in Waterloo, which offers Balinese food, although I'd consider it more contemporary style than traditional. Upscale, and pricey for Waterloo, but delicious!

                Edit: just realized I'm responding to an old reply, but what the heck ;-)

                Bhima's Warung
                262 King St N, Waterloo, ON N2J2Y9, CA

                Dragonfly Bistro
                715 Richmond St, London, ON N6A3H1, CA

                Tasty Coast
                344 Springbank Dr, London, ON N6J1G5, CA

            2. Not sure of the name but there is a decent/worthy place near the Health Sciences Center.

              1. I'll probably get blasted for this, but for value, variety and reasonable food quality the Mandarin is hard to beat. I know its a chain, but its clean and the service is great. I also know that its a buffet. The trick there is to go early when the food is fresh and hot from the kitchen.
                I've eaten chinese food all over the world. In the niche category of buffets specializing in chinese fare, the Mandarin is the best.

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                  Hong Ping on Horton does a decent dim sum. The portions are larger than Tak Sun. Off the regular menu, General Tsao's chicken and the Kung Po chicken are good. Love the crispy orange beef and the Shanghai noodle at Chinatown on Boler.

                  Hong Ping Restaurant
                  339 Horton St E, London, ON N6B1L6, CA

                  Tak Sun Restaurant
                  122 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6C4M8, CA

                  1. re: porkpa

                    Porkpa---Stop apologizing for the Mandarin. Once my husband asked me where I wanted to go to dinner on my birthday and I said "The Mandarin", so that's where we went, and we live in Chicago. What's to apologize for? I counted 48 hot Chinese dishes plus the Canadian buffet with prime rib of beef and Yorkshire pudding, and the grill with salmon, chicken, and lamb chops, and the salad bar with ad lib shrimp, plus lovely desserts. Go to their website for pictures.

                  2. Had a disappointing take-out order from Paul n Yu. Ordered the tai dop voy, but when I got home, there were no pieces of chicken, bbq pork or scallops- just shrimp and veggies.

                    Right now, Tasty Coast on Springbank, and Wong's Garden on Aldersbrook (tiny with no atmosphere, but good food) are my go-to Chinese restaurants in London. I've only ordered Chinese Cdn dishes at Wong's Garden.

                    Has anyone tried the new Chinese restaurant in the strip plaza on the NE corner of Wonderland and Commissioners?

                    Tasty Coast
                    344 Springbank Dr, London, ON N6J1G5, CA

                    Wong's Garden
                    2101 Aldersbrook Rd, London, ON N6G3X1, CA

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                    1. re: phoenikia

                      Chinese takeout NE corn Comm and Wonderland is OK, qty is good, quality is passable, taste is fairly bland. Hot and sour soup is better than average and pan fried dumplings are good.

                      Green Tea Chinese a little bit further south is much better - eat in (haven't tried the take out), has good portions and quality. Excellent weekend dimsum now that Ken's is closed.

                      1. re: ragnar01

                        Thanks for mentioning the dim sum at Green Tea. Hadn't found a replacement for Ken's. Will give it a try!

                        Thanks also for mentioning the take-out at Comm & Wonderland is ok quality-wise.

                        1. re: phoenikia

                          Dragon Court has new owners. So far dim sum seems to taste the same. The new owners are fairly young and like coming around to introduce themselves. I've noticed their dim sum on weekends isn't as busy as Green Tea. Green Tea dim sum tastes like frozen dim sum shipped from China.

                          For Canadian Chinese food, I prefer Bing's China House in Lambeth. They have a lunch buffet on Thurs and Fri for $7.50!!! Dinner buffet is Thurs - Sun and I think about $12!!! Obviously not as many items as Mandarin but each item has its unique taste unlike the Mandarin.

                          1. re: leelei

                            Thanks leelei- I've never tried Dragon Court. Will have to try out their dim sum.

                            That's disappointing to hear that you thought Green Tea dim sum tasted like frozen imported dim sum. Which items tasted that way? Did you think any of the dim sum tasted good?

                            Bing's has been in Lambeth for ages, but I've never dined there. Good to hear each item has a unique taste ;-)

                            1. re: phoenikia

                              The ha gao (shrimp dumplings), siu mai ( pork ball-ish like things) definitely tasted frozen. basically most the items that has the same wrapping as the ha gao. Also, I'm always skeptical of dim sum places not having cheung fun (rice rolls) as places that import their dim sum and not made fresh onsite. Tak Sun has the best rice rolls.

                              Did you ever get a chance to go to Ken's? I really miss that place!!!! Rumour has it the owners opened up a place in Hamilton.

                              1. re: leelei

                                Ya, I used to go to Ken's. I really miss it, too.

                                That's a good observation that dim sum places that don't have cheung fun are probably importing. I definitely can recognize pre-frozen har gow (mushy, mealy shrimp and usually a soggy wrapper) & siu mai (sometimes a funky frozen pork smell- I don't tend to order siu mai anyhow), but I'm not sure whether I'd notice a difference with panfried dumplings. I've been spoiled in Toronto- I actually can't ever remember visiting a dim sum place that doesn't serve cheung fun!

                                Thanks for the Tak Sun rec- will have to try their cheung fun sometime soon. Nice to have some places on my to-try list in London.

                                Tak Sun Restaurant
                                122 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6C4M8, CA

                        2. re: ragnar01

                          Second the recommendation for Green Tea Asian Cuisine on Wonderland, just north of Southdale. Good variety of dim sum, well prepared and delicious. Certainly nothing tasted frozen, and they have rice crepes / cheung fun, including beef+mushroom and assorted mushroom varieties. The restaurant was clean and welcoming, and prices were decent. Ken's was good but variety was limited, and we definitely prefer Green Tea to any of the other establishments in London, including Tak Sun.

                      2. have tried some of these recommendations by now...i lived in london for law school...and recently moved back after 3 years...and after being spoiled for asian food in mississauga and richmond hill.

                        hong ping- the dim sum tastes frozen. it's not bad...but not good either.

                        tasty coast- is ok. but only if you want american-style chinese. authenticity is hard to come by here.

                        tak sun- my go to place. their dim sum tastes fresh. esp. like their cheung fun and tak sun dumplings....their shumai is not as good as my favourite place (sam woo's) but ok.

                        for now. tak sun is the winner. imho.

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                        1. re: jinxie

                          Tasty Coast will prepare "authentic-style" Chinese food, if it is requested. Would probably be a good idea to call in advance.

                          Tasty Coast
                          344 Springbank Dr, London, ON N6J1G5, CA

                          1. re: phoenikia

                            Just dined at Tasty Coast this week. Very generous servings. They've added some Korean-style indoor BBQs to some of the larger tables, and will start offering some sort of BBQ options in December.

                            Looks like they've also been serving Northern style dumplings (xiao long bao, as well as others shown on the poster on the front door) on weekends, but the server mentioned that might not continue.

                            Found the portions to be very generous on the most recent visit. Really liked the eggplant with spicy garlic sauce, and tried a tofu casserole I haven't seen elsewhere.

                            Noticed a nearby table appeared to have ordered some authentic dishes I didn't see listed on the English language menu.

                            Tasty Coast
                            344 Springbank Dr, London, ON N6J1G5, CA

                            1. re: prima

                              Tasty coast has 2 menus, the "chinese" menu actually has english translations for most items (the other menu has "manchu wok" style north american chinese food). I dont know why they dont just give every patron both menus, if you are non chinese you have to ask for it. One of the dishes i enjoy the most in that place actually is in the "chinese" menu, ask for the ostmanthus flower scented fried chicken!

                          2. re: jinxie

                            I tried Tak Sun's dim sum on a weekday last May, as it seems it's the only restaurant offering dim sum on weekdays in London. I thought several dim sum dishes tasted reheated or pre-frozen. Maybe the dim sum is better on the weekends, when there's more demand? If I return to Tak Sun, it would be for the Westernized take-out, probably not the dim sum.

                          3. I recommend Spring Chinese, it's on Dundas and English. they offer authentic chinese food and it's definately the best in town. i love their sweet and sour chicken balls, lemon chicken, general tsao chicken. Lamb with Cumin is a hit!! as well as their hot and sour soup. they also have hot pot for dine in only unfortunately. totally passionate about this restaurant.
                            here is a link to their menu. http://www.urbanspoon.com/u/menu/1487715
                            phone number is 5192664421
                            i usually dine-in, because i live very close to them. they also do delivery.

                            1. Just wanted to mention that Blue Rice Asian Cuisine has replaced Paul N Yu (RIP Paul N Yu, 1990-2010) in Fanshawe Park Plaza, a strip plaza just east of Masonville Mall.

                              New owners, new menu, generous portions. Have mostly tried Chinese Canadian options so far, including a good version of General Tso chicken, a decent tasting Malaysian-style fried rice, and a not so good version of wonton soup.

                              Fairly limited menu, with relatively few "authentic" Chinese dishes. Blue Rice also offer sushi and some SE Asian dishes, hence the Asian Cuisine label. Probably a good idea to stick with the Chinese options.

                              1. Having lived in London for four years as a student, I tried many a time to find the best place for chinese food. My conclusion? New Kung Fu House. I don't remember the intersection, but I know it's on oxford, down past cherryhill mall I believe. Best Chinese food I've ever tasted. I had the cumin lamb, kung po chicken (AMAZING), and hot pot. You can find a menu by looking on google, but the in-house menu has been updated, and is much better.

                                New Kung Fu House
                                689 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H1V1, CA

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                                1. re: jmart66

                                  Has anyone ordered take-out from New Kung Fu House or Green Tea lately? Which dishes do you like the most?

                                  New Kung Fu House
                                  689 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H1V1, CA

                                  green tea asian cuisine
                                  1009 Wonderland Rd S, London, ON N6K 3V1, CA

                                2. Recently went out for Chinese again, and Green Tea dim sum is still good. Place was packed with asian people. Also second the recommendation for Kambie - dinner was well executed with enough "wok hay" in the dishes.

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                                  1. re: ibbileyta

                                    Chinese BBQ is the best spot in London, if you have not been your missing out. There roasted pork is to die for, such crispy flavorful skin and meat!

                                    1. re: BlackChap

                                      Haven't had a chance to try Chinese BBQ yet, but I've head good things.


                                      Wong's Garden on Aldersbrook was closed last week when I stopped by. I'm not sure if they have gone out of business.

                                      New Kung Fu House on Oxford St West has many Northern dishes, and almost no Westernized dishes, on their current menu. Found their crispy spicy chicken salty and spicy. If I return, I'll probably try their dumplings and pancakes, rather than the mains.


                                  2. I have never seen New Tai Hu mentioned on these boards, but came across it on the internet when searching for other dim sum restaurants in London. Reviews were good, so we gave it a try. Overall quite good - standouts were shrimp rice roll (outstanding with silken roll texture, crisp smooth crystal-like shrimp, and slightly sweet soya sauce) and congee (obviously fresh, with generous amount of seafood). Singapore noodles were tasty - could have used a little more wok hay, but generous portions and the shrimp were again very well prepared. Turnip cake a little too cake-like, no discernable strips of turnip, but otherwise decent. Service extremely cordial. Dim sum menu had all the standards. Would suggest checking out if you are looking for another authentic Chinese restaurant to try in London.

                                    New Tai Hu Chinese & Thai Cuisine
                                    1625 Dundas St, London, ON N5W3C3, CA

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                                    1. re: ibbileyta

                                      Thanks for the heads up, ibbileyta. Will have to give the dim sum at New Tai Hu a try.

                                      1. re: ibbileyta

                                        Does New Tai Hu serve dim sum daily?

                                        1. re: prima

                                          I think weekends only, but best to call and check:
                                          (519) 451-9880

                                      2. Our family LOVES the Chopstick House. Great food!

                                        Takeout only.

                                        Chopstick House
                                        734 Adelaide, LONDON, ON N5Y 2L5


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                                        1. re: tiberious

                                          Which dishes do you recommend the most at Chopstick House, tiberious?

                                        2. I am with you...haven't found much to write home about in London. I am from Toronto, myself...my personal fave in TO is Chung King at College & Spadina. Their Crispy Orange Beef, Garlic Broccoli, Hot and Sour Soup, and Chicken in Black Bean Sauce are all wonderful....I enjoyed those before becoming vegetarian.
                                          Since becoming vegetarian, I've been more restricted in food choices and thus restaurants, but Chung King remained a favourite. Having then moved to London, I found nothing of note, and I was disappointed. I am East Indian and found there to be nothing good in the way of Szechuan food and similarly, nothing great as regards Indian food.

                                          The ONLY possible place I would recommend in London is Tasty Coast...They are wonderfully accommodating and they have some Szechuan dishes, and their hot and sour soup is a close second to Chung King. My close friend/family love their Szechuan Beef, Zesty Beef, House Spicy Beef, Thai Red Curry Chicken (or Beef) and Thai Green Curry Beef (or Chicken). The Fried Rice is supposedly good as well. I haven't tried anything off the authentic Chinese menu mentioned below (I've got a copy of their menu with Chinese/English writing - presume this is the English menu as there is no chicken scented w/osthmanthus flower.)

                                          I've tried Mandarin and do not like it one bit. It's very much a chain restaurant (IMHO).

                                          I've tried Hong Ping and it's not bad - the stir-fries are made with fresh ingredients and the quality of beef/chicken is good (according to family).

                                          Dragon Court has closed and I haven't tried much else.
                                          I do hear good reviews of Little Panda (but it's mainly fried/not healthy...and it isn't Szechuan, and there's no vegetarian option that I know of on the menu).

                                          London is a wasteland as far as good ethnic food goes. I'm sorry to say, I think we have to leave the city to find good ethnic food!

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                                          1. re: DIAMOND99

                                            You should have tried living in London 10 years ago if you think it's an ethnic food wasteland now.

                                            Other places I've been with my Chinese in-laws that you might want to try include Green Tea, Golden Dragon in Byron, and Congee Chan.

                                            1. re: DIAMOND99

                                              There are no specialized Szechuan restaurants in London. There's a new Beijing restaurant that has opened across from the Greyhound bus station, which hasn't been covered on Chowhound as of yet. I've also heard good things about Spring on Dundas E and Chinese BBQ on Huron Street.

                                              re: Indian food
                                              Have you tried Massey's? http://masseys.ca/ I like their vegetarian dishes. Have you visited Indo Asian Grocers at 689 Oxford St W? I understand they sell samosas, as well as ingredients.

                                              re: Thai food
                                              I haven't found a Thai restaurant I love in London, but some are half-decent. For green or red curry, consider trying Thaifoon (probably the best quality and most upscale Thai restaurant in London http://www.thaifoonrestaurant.com/ ), Mai's Cafe, Thai Taste. There must be over 20 Thai restaurants in London now. I'd think one will have a decent green curry. I dislike the green curry at Bangkok Thai on Richmond near Oxford. The food at the Thai Restaurant in Hyde Park on Gainsborough Road is ok.
                                              This issue of EatDrink discussed various Pad Thais in London. http://issuu.com/chrismcdonell/docs/e...

                                              Most of the Vietnamese restaurants in London also offer green, red and other curries, but I stick to bun at Vietnamese restaurants so I haven't tried any of their curries.

                                              Asia Gourmet offers Chinese and Thai dishes, but I recommend their Chinese dishes over their Thai dishes. The Thai dishes I ordered, including a green curry, were not good.

                                              For other good 'ethnic' food in London, be sure to try Barakat (fast food Lebanese), Kantina (upscale contemporary Serbian), Hot Oven (Bosnian burek, and they have a spinach and cheese version), True Taco, Gigolaj. London has lots of cheap sushi options. I won't go into detail re: the meat-heavy 'ethnic' European food London offers, since you mention you're a vegetarian.

                                              Addis Ababa (for Ethiopian food) might be another place for you to consider, since they have vegetarian offerings. http://www.tgsaddisababarestaurant.com/

                                              Che on Dundas St offers pan-Latin dishes, including some Peruvian dishes.

                                              Here are some other ideas for London. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/930145

                                              1. re: prima

                                                Tried Beijing next to Greyhound, not impressed.

                                                With change in Green Tea ownership, Congee Chan seems to be the restaurant bustling with Asian clientele nowadays. The congee is indeed always fresh and good.

                                                1. re: ibbileyta

                                                  Thanks for mentioning your experience at Beijing. Too bad.

                                                  I'm not a big fan of congee, but I might try some other dishes at Congee Chan one of these days.

                                            2. Five Fortune at the southeast corner of Richmond and King is the newest Chinese restaurant to open in London.