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Aug 16, 2007 01:07 PM


New Yorker foodie will be in Dublin for a few days in September with hubby. Can anyone recommend restaurants that we can go to for lunch and dinner?

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  1. am interested in the responses as well!!!

    1. For lunch, Leo Burdock's on Werburgh St. Incredible fish & chips, best I've ever had. It's takeout only, but there are plenty of green spaces nearby. One order was plenty for 2 people. Also, Queen of Tarts for teatime, across street from Dublin City Hall in center of town.

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        +1 to Leo Burdocks. Best fish and chips I have EVER had, period. I still dream about them - wake up with a little drool in the corner of my mouth and one lone tear on my cheek.

        Get an order and take a quick walk 'round the corner to Dublin Castle. Ate mine there in the courtyard, ah memories.

      2. There have been quite a few threads on Dublin food in the past month. If you scroll down the page, I'm sure you'll find them. Good food abounds in Dublin!

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          Good lunch places:
          Arguably the best restaurant in Dublin, the 2 starred Patrick Guillbaud's has a lunch deal which is apparently wonderful for the standard of food- I havent been yet... its on my list though :)
          For lunch dining I enjoy the epicurean centre on middle abbey street, cornicopia or wicklow street, rolys in ballsbridge, avoca cafe on nassau street. These are all reasonably casual, except for perhaps rolys, which has a great deal 3 course dinner for 20 euros.

          For dinner, Chapter One has an excellently priced 3 course pre-theatre menu for around 35 euro I think.. you would need to book this well in advance.. almost immediately for a september booking. (I think


          Other places to try are Winding Stair (by ha-penny bridge) which you should book in advance, L'Gueulteon (does not take reservations- you have to go there at 6pm to secure a table for the evening), Fallon and Byrne (Exchequer Street)

          These probably all offer Irish influenced or Frend influenced food. Winding Stair and Chapter One have the modern Irish cuisene thing down to an absolute tee. Enjoy!

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            "Arguably the best restaurant in Dublin, the 2 starred Patrick Guillbaud's"

            I'd argue with that ;-) Guilbaud's is OK, if you like conservative food and formal service. But nothing beats Chapter One :-)

            I finally got to L'Ecrivan a couple of weeks ago for lunch, and it was fantastic. We sat inside, but they also have a veranda area which looked good (if it ever stops raining).


        2. We just returned from a long weekend in Dublin, and had some wonderful meals.

          In Ballsbridge, which isn't near downtown but a short bus ride (the #7 or #45 - get off just past the US embassy... which isn't hard to miss b/c it is quite hideous):
          +Roly's Bistro. My husband had potato leek soup, lamb pie and I had thai spiced fish cakes (made with salmon) and ricotta gnocchi (seared in butter so they had a delicous crust, but were light in the middle), and we split a lemon meringue trifle (basically lemon meringue pie without a crust). When ordering, factor in how much bread you'll eat... and the bread is so good and there is such a selection that you WILL eat a lot of it. ( - except the menu isn't current
          )+Kite's Chinese restaurant.(15-17 Ballsbridge Terrace, just around the corner from Roly's). We had three starters (spring rolls, tempura shrimp and salt and chili spareribs) and split an entree of spicy beef on crispy rice. For dessert I had banana fritters (my favorite way to eat bananas!), and my husband had ice cream.

          In the Temple Bar area:
          +Bruno's (Eustace Street, Temple Bar). We each had a large cup of seafood chowder and the fish and chips.(
          )+The Queen of Tarts is a don't miss. On Dame street almost immediately across from City Hall; it is a small spot, but you can't miss it with the beautiful shade of shiny red paint on the exterior. We waited outside in the rain for 15 minutes to get a table... and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! I had a tart with goat cheese, spinach, pesto and tomato with a side salad and my husband had a ham and cheese sandwich (also with a side salad). For desert I had a lovely pot of tea and a lemon tart and he had a Bailey's Irish Cream and chocolate chip cheesecake.
          +Cafe Gertrude (3/4 Bedford Row, in Temple Bar). I had cucumber soup and oven dried tomato, goat cheese and pesto tarts and my husband had a pizza with goat cheese and red and gold bell peppers.

          Beware of the small print at the bottom of some menus, requiring a minimum order (usually around 19 euro). We only saw this at Roly's... but we were hungry and there was so much on the menu I wanted to try that meeting a minimum wasn't going to be a problem!

          1. I'm back and must say that I had dinner at Roly's Bistro and loved it. Make sure to make reservations in advance.
            I also recommend a lovely restaurant , that wasn't mentioned on Chowhound, The Canal Bank Cafe (www.canalbankcafe) located at 146 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4. This is an elegant, yet casual restaurant with delicious food and great service. It is a 10-15 minute walk from The Stephens Green Park . Make reservations and enjoy!