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Aug 16, 2007 01:07 PM

Allium, Great Barrington, MA?

Has anyone been? The menu looks promising, and I have had good experiences at Mezze (owned by the same people). What is good?

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  1. I am also curious and almost asked this same question yesterday. I walk by and it is always empty. I do not know anyone who has been. I've been wanting to go but always end up at Bizen or Pearls when I am on RR Street. If and when I get there, I will report in but would love to hear a first hand report. It does not appear to be open for lunch....

    1. Been there three times now with and sans (well-behaved) children. Each time, our meals were delicious. So too our drinks. The service the first time around was excellent. The second time, very uneven (I got the impression it wasn't the waiter's fault). On our third visit, one of the waiters recognized us, let our current waiter know about the less than great service the second time, and our desserts were comped. Maybe they should have comped us during the second visit, but even so, we appreciated it. Classy place. Mellow, casual, sophisticated ambiance, and reasonable prices for very fine food.

      1. My wife and I went with friends last July, not long after it opened. We were in a rush and told the waiter, who was very nice. The food was very uneven and took a long time to come out, particularly given the restaurant was empty. When it did come out, much of it was cold, in particular my wife's steak frites. My steak frites, on the other hand, came out later and was hot and delicious. My wife did not want to go back last summer, but I will talk her into trying it again this summer. I'm glad to see the last reply liked the food. Any review of Napa and The Well in GB?

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          I stopped in at Napa once for a quick lunch. It was 1pm on a Saturday and the place was empty. I sat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine and the Caesar salad. The wine was fine, though their wine list doesn't veer to far from your typical $10 a bottle grocery store selection, which was disappointing for a place that considers itself a wine bar. Anyway....the Caesar salad involved chopped up romaine leaves -- all pale, mostly the spines, not many darker, leafier pieces -- dressing that tasted like Ranch, and grated parm that looked like it came straight out of Sargento's bag. The croutons were salty but otherwise flavorless and too hard to be pierced with a fork. The bartender was very polite and attentive, however. Hopefully he'll find a better gig somewhere soon.

        2. has anyone been there recently? id love to hear your thoughts

          1. One of my favorites in the tri-state area. Beautiful inside with very friendly staff. I've never had a bad experience there, and I've been there maybe 5 or 6 times now. The drink menu is innovative and the cocktails are delicious and well balanced. Last week I had one with celery juice and gin and I'm about to buy a juice extractor so I can make them at home, it was that good. Never too sweet or gimmicky, but well balanced and with great, unexpected flavor combos. The food is almost always perfect. When it's not, it's still very tasty and well prepared. I enthusiastically recommend you try it out for yourself.