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Aug 16, 2007 12:55 PM

Great Mistake

I love cooking Indian food. The wealth of spices and combinations of flavors excite me. Where my experience and expertise lacks, I try to make up for with experimentation.

Recently, I screwed up a relatively easy dish, bhindi masala - a mixture of tomato, onion, garlic and spices. I'd made it plenty of times, but for some reason this time I got the order of ingredients mixed up and instead of tender bits of okra in a minimal, clingy sauce, the texture came out more like a thick gumbo. (Well, that's what you get when you keep tasting the wine...!)

The bhindi masala was to be a lunch item for my husband, accompanying some Indian flavored golden beats I'd made the previous day. The flavors were still good, so I decided to try creating an Indian influenced meal around it for dinner instead.

I fried up some crab cakes, used canned crab, combined with breadcrumbs and mayo mixed with tandoori paste - I also spread a bit of the mayo-tandoori mixture on the outside of the cakes before frying for extra flavor. I topped the cakes with a few squirts of lemon juice and a dollop of home-made raita (yogurt, shredded cucumber and salt) and placed them on top of a mound of the okra. I decorated the plate with slices of the Indian beats (flavored with cardamom and cumin) and some mixed pickles (an Indian condiment we love). Yum!

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  1. Great mistake? greater recovery! And so much more imaginative than my fall-back which is always to add stock and make whatever it was into soup...