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Aug 16, 2007 12:32 PM

Terre Haute - any good news?

A recent trip thru this town resulted in a not so good meal at Stables' ( a locally touted steak house) which claims to serve 21 day dry aged beef. From my experience, that is questionable since though the steaks has a fair taste they were "chewy". The wine list was limited by the glass (in fact it was poor - though purchases by the bottle were available, the risk of a full bottle served in a strange town gives me the willies in the chance encounter with the local constabulary. So, rather than condemn, let me request some alternatives to aid me on my return this coming weekend.

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  1. Try ButtonWoods at Sycamore Farm. Good food, local ingredients, lovely ambiance. Posted about it here:

    1. It been a while since I was in Terre Haute (college), but some of the best BBQ I have had was at Big Shoes BBQ. I don't know if its still there, but if you like vinegar based sauce, its worth looking for. I still dream of returning to Terre Haute just for Big Shoes. You know iit must be good if its enough to make anyone dream of returning to Terre Haute! It's just a small shack in the middle of a lousy neighborhood.

      If you find it will you ship me some sauce?

      1. There is a bar across from stables that is a lot better and it has one of the best Italian Beef sandwiches I've ever had

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          Yes engineer, I saw that place on my way back to our motel. Thank you for the recommendation. I have subsequently heard that it's ownership is connected to Stables in some fashion. It sounds a more relaxed environment though and I think we will give it a try tomorrow since that is when we will be returning east.

        2. This is probably too late for you, although you can keep it for future reference: For dinner, Crossroads Cafe (at 7th and Wabash) turns into Jeshua's, an Italian place that specializes in gourmet pizzas. I can't personally vouch for it, but my dad's a city offical and his take was positive.