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Aug 16, 2007 12:28 PM

LA Chow coming to Chicago -- need recs

I'm visiting Chicago for the first time next month, and I nead Chicago Chow recommendations for (1) Chicago-style pizza and (2) must-try restaurants in Chicago w/ good wine lists. In other words, I plan to do both lowbrow and highbrown on this trip -- pizza and beer one night, wine and blowout meal the next (though if you can recommend a mid-priced restaurant with fantastic food, all the better). Any suggestions for bars and/or wine bars would be appreciated.

I'm staying near the Magnificent Mile.


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  1. Check out these recent lengthy discussions about Chicago-style pizza:

    And then this one about our fine dining restaurants (which includes our expensive splurge restaurants as well as our more casual mid-priced places):

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    Then let's talk. ;)