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Aug 16, 2007 12:21 PM

Wraps 360 in Monrovia (review+pics)

With everyone always in a hurry, drive thru eating/beverage establishments are now the norm, from McDonald's, In-N-Out, Starbucks, Baskin-Robbins and even Krispy Kreme. In the little town of Monrovia, you can now add Wraps 360 to the mix where the dining options are definitely much more healthy than what you would get at your local burger joint.

As the name of this food stand suggests, the menu consists primarily of different wraps, but there also sandwich and salad options as well. If you have a thirst, the beverage choices include soft drinks, teas, juices, smoothies and various coffee concoctions.

For my first time lunch there, I went for the Mango Smoothie and their Club Wrap. When I ordered the Mango Smoothie, I was asked if I preferred it blended with milk or juice. I thought it was cool that you had a choice and that way, those of you who are lactose intolerant can still enjoy a fruit smoothie without any problems.

When my Club Wrap arrived, it was a thing of beauty. Everything looked really fresh. The lettuce was crisp. There was no "browning" on the avocado. The tomatoes looked beautifully red and juicy. Other ingredients included grilled chicken, a house cream dressing, swiss cheese and turkey bacon wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla. You can choose either fruit or salad as your side and I chose fruit.

What was also interesting is the way the ingredients were wrapped in the tortilla. It was almost like a funnel shape where the food was "fanned out" on one end and the other end was narrow. This funnel shape made it easier to hold the wrap and I noticed that less food fell out when I bit into it.

As for how it tasted, I really enjoyed every bite. Fresh ingredients mean better flavor; however, there are two things that I didn't like. First, while the grilled chicken was moist and tender, it was a little salty, not so salty that I stopped eating it, but enough that it bugged me.

Second, after I came home and looked at the menu, I noticed that in the Club Wrap description, there were two ingredients listed that were missing in my wrap and those were pineapple and sprouts. I honestly didn't miss either of those ingredients because what I had was filling enough, but if you're going list ingredients for a dish, you should follow through with all of them.

To end, except for those two things I mentioned above, I'd say that my meal was there was pretty good. I'm actually not normally a sandwich/wrap kind of person, but whenever I'm in the mood, I'd give Wraps 360 another try.

Wraps 360
127 West Foothill Blvd.
Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 358-4540

To see pics, go to:


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  1. You're right, Abby. That wrap is purty! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for another great review. Do you remember how much the wrap was?
      EDIT: Nevermind - I didn't look at the pictures first! I should know by now there would be a menu there!! :)

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      1. re: The Oracle

        Well, now you've done it - make me want to get one of these, and I don't even LIKE wraps!! LOL

      2. LOL! I drove by the place yesterday on my way home and started wondering about it, well viola, a review. thanks.

        1. Thanks for the review. I had the Southwestern wrap. It was fresh and enjoyable--not as heavy as tacos or burritos. The tortillas are made with other ingredients (e.g. tomato basil)--tasty and slightly chewy. As the pictures suggest, it has absolutely no ambience to speak of whatsoever unless you enjoy watching traffic speeding by you on Foothill Blvd. The lady who worked there was very nice.

          There are some discrepancies between the takeout menu, the posted menu (shown in the previously mentioned pictures), and the website. First, the takeout menu has slightly different prices. Second, the takeout menu lists a Vegetarian wrap whereas the posted menu does not. Third, the posted menu lists the Southwestern wrap whereas the takeout menu does not. Finally, the website's menu is completely different.

          All in all, this is a great place to add to my restaurant rotation.

          1. I finally ventured over from Pasadena for lunch today and I'm really, really glad I did. the BBQ chicken wrap was awesome & all the ingredients were super fresh and tasty. The service was great too - the guy behind the counter threw in a sample of their chicken salad made with red grapes (also very tasty).

            As others have mentioned, the ingredients in my wrap didn't exactly match the menu but I ended up not caring once I tasted it. If that's important to you it's probably a good idea to ask before ordering.

            This is such a great option when I want something quick and is so much healthier than the fast food drive-thru. I'll definitely be back, maybe even later this week!