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Aug 16, 2007 12:20 PM

Child-friendly in Philly

I am treating my husband to a special dinner (40th bday) and we're looking for restaurant suggestions -- all about the food, not the decor. We love Tre Scalini (and they are so good to parents with babies!) but would like to try something else and it doesn't have to be Italian.

By the way, I don't mean child-friendly as in my child will be running around wrecking havoc and biting ankles -- he's a baby and will pretty much just hang out in a booster seat we bring from home. We'll usually take the earliest reservation possible.

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  1. Our next door neighbors just went out to a Brazilian restaurant. I'm not sure of the name and the only thing I've been able to dig up online is a place in the northeast and I'm pretty sure the place I'm thinking of is in CC.

    They have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old and told me they had a blast. The place is noisy and crowded but the service is very fast and the food very good. It's meat-based so definitely for carnivores.

    Maybe someone knows of it and can post a name and location? Of course, I've never eaten there so can't personally vouch but it's the second recommendation I've gotten for this now nameless restaurant in the last month!

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      The place you are thinking of may be Fogo de Chao, Brazilian steakhouse.

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        Yes, that's what it is.

        Ever been there? I'm interested in hearing a review from a hound.

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          Yep, I was there soon after it opened. I really liked it, but you have to *really* love meat, because there's not much else there. I also wouldn't describe it as a place that's "all about the food", as the OP requested. It is kid-friendly, though.

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            Did not like it that much -- it's a total quantity over quality thing; I'd rather go down the block to Capital Grille and have one really nice piece of meat cooked perfectly.

      2. I think I am looking for something a little more...formal (maybe that isn't the word). It was an interesting restaurant to read about though!

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          I think anyplace that is on the large side with some hustle and bustle works well for an infant in a carrier (this is what we did when mine were little). I'd go for Amada or Osteria, the Starr places would also probably work (except maybe Morimoto). Enjoy it now. My kids hit an age where we really can't take them to a nice restaurant because they will be too disruptive (started around 18 months). That's when a babysitter really comes in handy.

          Enjoy your dinner!

          1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

            Osteria is definitely kid-friendly; they'll take care of you.