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Aug 16, 2007 11:39 AM

Chicken Lollipop Sauces?

Hey - I'm making panko-crusted chicken 'lollipops' for a party and would like to serve a couple of different dipping sauces with them. Anyone have any brilliant ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Probably obvious, but a thai peanut sauce... or maybe a wasabi and ginger spiked sauce...

    1. One of the best and simplest dipping sauces I ever stole was orange marmelade spiked with prepared horseradish, as spicy as you like. Stir with a spoon for more chutney-like, or process in the food processor if you want it smoother.

      1. I think those would be great with a chicken tikka creme, chipotle sauce or even something as simple as sweet chili sauce.

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          Trader Joe's Very very Terriayki, mayo and wasabi, mustard with brown sugar and hot pepper flakes!
          How do you make chicken lollipops, please?!

          1. re: Kathi

            Hey Kathi -- just cut around the tip of a chicken wing, or the drummette, and loosen the meat around the joint. Hold the bottom and push the meat down gently to let the bone come through, forming a 'handle'. Remove any extra flesh from the bone and clean with a towel. Then just do the flour, egg wash and coat them in panko. I've also seen them done with the chicken tender coated in panko and fried then placed on a short skewer to create a sort of lollipop. Delicious and a clever presentation for parties and whatnot.

        2. Sweet and sour sauce does well in my house.