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Aug 16, 2007 11:33 AM

Tannersville, Hunter Mtn NY?

We are going to be in Haines Falls, nearby are Tannersville, and Hunter. Any recommendations on a casual place for dinner or lunch? We went to the Last Stop For Cheese, which was fine, and we went to Selena's diner, looking for other places to try. Would like something like Chinese or Indian, but couldn't find anything like that except for a take out joint that had to be over 110 degrees inside.

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  1. pancho villas on main st. tannersville is decent

    1. A nice place for dinner is Catskill Seasons Inn. South of Hunter on Rt. 42. Good
      steaks and seafood. you can get burgers in the lounge too.

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        is it a suitable place to take well behaved kids 7&8?

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          1. In Tannersville, there's Maggies Crooked Cafe for lunch, it's very hippy casual. We also ate at Pancho Villa's, and it was fine. In Phoenicia there's Sweet Sue's which is delicious, but sometimes understaffed. Sweet Sue's specializes in pancakes, but the sandwiches and omelets are great, also. They aren't open for dinner. Also in Phoenicia there's pretty good pizza on the main street.
            If you don't mind a drive, one of my favorite restuarants is Peekamoose, very accommodating of children.
            And if you end up playing mini golf at Bear Creek Landing, the hamburgers there were recommended to me, but we never tried them. (We enjoyed the miniature golf, though!)

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              Good pizza in Phoenicia? What is it like? Do you know the name of the place? Thanks!

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                The best pizza for hundreds of miles is in Phoenicia on Main St. right in the middle of town. It is called Brios. Pizza is cooked in a wood fired oven. Make sure to try one of the pizzas with the sesame seeds in the crust. Outstanding. They also sell slices so you can try two or three kinds instead of everyone eating the same pie. It has been the best pizza for at least 15 yrs. Worth the trip.