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Aug 16, 2007 11:31 AM

Clemmons NC

Going this weekend for a soccer tournament and wondering if there are any good restaurants nearby. Don't need anything fancy Just good food. Thanks

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  1. Clemmons itself is pretty much a chain wasteland, but its only a few miles from a search for W-S and I'm sure you'll find lots of suggestions. Off the top of my head...Little Richard's for BBQ, Athena on Stratford Road for greek food, Sampan on Peter's Creek Parkway for chinese, Botana (I think thats how its spelled) on Hanes Mall Blvd for mexican/central american, Foothills Brewery, Downtown Thai, Sweet Potatoes (all in downtown W-S).

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      If you choose Little Richard's, make sure you go to the one on Country Club--not the one in Clemmons. They're not the same!

    2. There's the best Thai in the WS area near Clemmons - go south from 40 through the fast food wasteland to 158, make a right, continue on 158 for about 1.5 miles or so (guess) to the Harris Teeter (supermarket) shopping center on the right - look for Chang Thai - While you're on the way there - just after you make the right turn on 158, look to your right for a converted house called the "Village House", it won't knock your socks off, but it's way better than average - both of these places are right in Clemmons