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Aug 16, 2007 10:55 AM

Drago's at the Hilton

I've never been to Drago's (but have had others' renditions of their incredible charbroiled oyster dish) and I would like to go. Does Drago's at the Hilton have the same culinary thrill as the original? I'll be in the quarter and would be more convenient than Metairie. If not, I will find a way to Metairie. Also, any other dishes that shouldn't be missed there? Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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  1. They started kinda rough, but by last report it seems like they got it together more or less. personally, i'd chance the hilton before having to drive through the strip mall, it always makes me a little sick after a great meal.

    1. All I have read is that they are not as good as the ones in Metarie - they cannot smoke them in the Hilton. We are arriving on Saturday but I do plan on trying them to see for myself.

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      1. re: dcata25

        can't smoke em?!? than whats the use? now i'll have to go to Metairie for the next fix. i'll just have to have a friend drive so i dont have to look.

        1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

          yep - can't smoke 'em - something to do with the hotel codes . . .

          1. re: dcata25

            My name is Scott and I am a Front of House Manager at the Drago's in the Hilton. I would like to clarify. We smoke the Charbroiled Oysters using the exact same process as the Metairie location on the same type of grill and try to keep the same menu consistency in all of the dishes. We do however have a more advanced hood exhaust system that removes the excess smoke from the dining area so the entire hotel's lobby does not end up smelling like a smokepit. Thank you.

            1. re: SkippyT

              Hi Scott,

              Your oysters do not look like or taste like the oysters in the Metarie location. They are also not as charbroiled as the other location. They were not cooked enough. They were not as good in IMHO.

              PS - My hubby had ordered 2 dozen before tasting them. They had brought had 3 extra on a plate before they brought out the second dozen and those 3 oysters were nice and blackened and charbroiled. However, none of the 4 dozen we ordered looked like that!!

        2. re: dcata25

          Your feedback of the place after you go would be very much appreciated!!!!

          1. re: N.O.FoodFan

            Sure will - 24 hours and counting down until I will be in the City I love so much . . .

            1. re: dcata25

              I recently went to the Dragos in the Hilton and the service was great for a new restaurant, the timing of the food was good. I do have to say that while the oysters were fantastic, the rest of the meal was so so.

              1. re: localfoodie

                OK, so far, absolutely no different from the Fat City location!

                1. re: paz5559

         is totally no different from the one in Fat City {and sooo worth it not to have to drive out to Metairie}. The owners/operators actually took painstaking effort to have it EXACTLY the same as the Fat City location.

                2. re: localfoodie

                  Good to hear. Did they taste like they'd been over a flame? Other than some raw oysters, what else would you order there next time if you were with a bunch of hungry people?

                  1. re: Hungry4Good

                    Went there for lunch a couple of weeks ago, the char broiled oysters were divine, everything else was o.k., not bad, not memorable.

                  1. re: jnc

                    I was there this past Tuesday for lunch and did not find the charbroiled oysters as good as the location in Metarie. They are not smoked and do not have the same taste nor do they look the same. Go to Metarie for the real thing.

                    1. re: dcata25

                      Thank you very much for your report! I've been looking forward to it. Any other revelations from your trip?

                      1. re: N.O.FoodFan

                        Please try Commander's Palace and Restaurat August. This was our 30th trip to New Orleans and this was the 1st time we ate at these two restaurants. Heavenly . . .

                        1. re: dcata25

                          I think Commander's was the first restaurant I went to in N.O. 25 years ago and make it a point to go every visit. Lunch is a wonderful and delicious event and quite reasonable, to be followed by a pleasant walk in the Garden District. I consider August to be the best restaurant in town.

            2. The results here look like 5 FOR and 1 AGAINST the oysters at the new location. Looks like I'll be going unless there are some more negative votes.

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              1. re: jnc

                I like the metairie location, better ambiance. ACME has delicious grilled oysters too.

                1. re: ml.drake

                  Yeah, I like ACME in Metairie's grilled oysters, too. Does the Quarter location do char-grills?

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    Yes they do. I think they're good, though its the only place I've had them so I can't compare. I'd love to hear from somebody how they stack up.

              2. I was there for Labor Day weekend, and the oysters tasted great. The only thing that seemed off was that they didn't seem as large as they did in the past. My wife finally got to try what I had been praising for years, and she loved them.

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                1. re: mac8111

                  When were you last here? Oysters tend to be small in the summer. That's just the nature of the beast.

                  1. re: Frolic

                    How much does a dozen raw and charcoal oysters cost at Dragos?

                    1. re: robertslsu

                      Dunno, but here's a link to their website w/phone numbers: You can call 'em and ask. Be warned that the photos on the website will make your mouth water.

                2. Finally went there Monday. We thought the oysters were tasty but we didn't like the corporate environment much.