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grocery shopping at target? [Moved from General Topics board]

Have to go to Target tonight and was wondering if anyone does any grocery shopping there.

Some of the Archer Farms products have caught my eye with nice packaging. Anything I should be on the lookout for?

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  1. I don't go there to grocery shop per se, but they always seem to have some great sales on cereal which is key in my household!

    1. I don't do regular grocery shopping there, but if I'm there and perusing, I'll pick up some stuff that's on sale. Any of the Archer Farms items I've tried have been very good. (Chips mostly!)

      They had a great Choxie truffle sample around the holidays that came in neat packaging - like yardstick sized. It was a hit and everyone loved the chocolate!

      1. Target often has better prices on some items than the grocery stores. I'm thinking of their yogurts (Activia), Morningstar veggie crumbles, some of the snacks.

        I haven't found a specific item there that I love that I can't get elsewhere, but I have found that their prices are better on some grocery items that I regularly buy.

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          I do better with bread, cereal, and juice there than I do at my other grocery store. I tend to switch off because the other store I go to generally has lower prices on other items I buy regularly. I do like Archer Farms products quite a bit.

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            Target is the only place I buy Boca Burgers and Silk soy milk. They are almost 1/2 the price at Target as compared to any grocery store in the area. I also like to troll the end caps for clearance candy, drinks, coffee, etc. Just today I got a bag of whole bean dark roast Millstone coffee for $3.24.

            Check out this website for Target coupons:

          2. When I lived closer to a Target (which coincided with a time when they were also my best Pharmacy choice in town) I did a fair bit of staples grocery shopping at Target. They had good free-range eggs, decent prices on milk, a fair selection of pantry items (canned goods, tomato sauce, cereals, etc) and some good frozen options. I didn't get much into the Archer Farms products, though I do recall the potato chips being pretty good. What I found, generally, was that if I already used the products, the prices were competitive or better than other places.

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              When they run a sale, they have good prices on cereal, waters, chocolates and snacks. Lately, I've been buying individually wrapped dark chocolate squares, and sometimes they'll have a 2 for $5 special. It's also the only place I can find Pellegrino in plastic bottles, which are easier to transport than glass ones (I am aware of the anti-plastic bottle crusade, and feel appropriately guilty.)

              I've tried the Zen Trail Mix by Archer Farms, which has Japanese rice cracers and nuts, and isn't too hot or salty. I will occasionally pick up milk there if I've run out. But I think their choices of yogurts are limited (no Fage and everything seems to be sweetened) as are their dairy items in general.

            2. As others have mentioned, Target has excellent prices on cereal, even when they're not on sale. I save at least $2-3 per box over my local supermarket, and they have a wide assortment of Kashi, which my supermarket doesn't have. Also, they have Arnold's bread for considerably cheaper as well. Frozen food (i.e. Lean Cuisine) are more than $2 cheaper too. And if you're into 100 calorie packs, they are cheaper too with a much wider selection, along with bottled water. Haven't tried the Archer Farms stuff yet...

              1. The AF olive oil potato chips are quite good and very addicting, and their crackers & crisps are tasty. I also give them a lot of props for keeping the ingredient lists on those products short and pronouncable.

                Keep an eye on the less visible end caps for clearance steals. I've found Rao's marinara sauce for $3.50 a jar on occasion.

                1. I am a HUGE Archer Farms fan. Our Tgt was recently remodled and I have found myself purchasing more and more...chips, nuts, trail mixes, cereal, COFFEE, tea, simmer sauces, whiskey bbq sauce, SAFFRON, buttermilk bread, granola bars, risotto mixes (YUM), blue jalapeno corn bread mix, banana choc chip bread mix, caramel cinnamon pear topping, chocolates, salsa...we are moving next month and I have already allotted a nice chunk of cash towards some specialty items from Archer Farms that I have not been able to find anywhere else! LONG LIVE TARGET! Oh and brown sugar pecan mustard on a bavarian ham sandwich....holy great stuff, Batman!

                  1. The Target brand of frosted mini wheats is better than the real thing! Lots of frosting. Also like their string cheese.

                    1. I too am a huge Archer Farms fan. I had been reading the ingredients labels on the breads in the regular chain markets and could not find one that was not made with HFCS. Then I checked the label on the AF bread, whole wheat I believe. Lo and behold, no HFCS! I have been a fan ever since.

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                        Not only is it HFCS free, but their bread lasts miraculously long without preservatives. One time I unearthed a couple of slices that got buried underneath another loaf for what had to be at least two months, and they were still as soft and fresh as when I got them. Apparently the fountain of youth has been found, and its water is used to make Archer Farms whole wheat bread.

                      2. I do a fair amount of grocery shopping at Target. I've liked all the Archer Farms products I've tried especially the various trail mixes and salsas. They also have better prices on Pacific Foods organic soups and PB and Company than other grocers in my area. Surprisingly they offer a pretty good produce section with a wide selection of organics. I always seem to get the best fuji apples from Target. Oh, and the choc. chunk cookies in the bakery are to die for.

                        1. Cereal is much cheaper, frozen boneless chicken tenderloins are cheaper, and coffee pods are cheaper. The Archer Farms coffee pods are much better than the Senseo-brand pods. I was really pissed when they cut the price of Senseo pods to be cheaper than the Archer pods.

                          1. In a couple of months there will literally be three SUPER TARGETS within four miles of my house. I can't help but shop there...their evil magnetic force fields render me helpless.

                            Anyway, my favorite item is their big plastic jars of cashews with honey crunch coating. I can't stop eating them.

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                              You lucky, lucky person, you. I am equidistant from three Super Targets currently... they're all 30 miles away. Thank goodness they're opening one closer soon, I can hardly wait. On the bright side, until that one opens I have a great excuse to visit my friends on the other side of town.

                            2. I like the Archer Farms products that I've tried - mostly snack foods. However, I found the ground flavored coffee to be on the weak side - need to use much more than your average coffee gounds.

                              1. I love the Archer Farms brands, especially the frozen tiramisu.
                                I used to buy meat at SuperTarget but have since stopped. Believe it or not, if I'm not going to a butcher, I prefer to buy my meat at Wal-Mart as opposed to ST, for the simple reason of turnover.
                                I love their steakhouse rub. Basically anything that doesn't spoil, I can find a more unusual and tasty version at ST, especially on the clearance endcaps.

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                                1. re: Covert Ops

                                  More kuddos for Archer Farms! Love their snacks and breads and cheese straws. Very reasonably priced and high in quality. I avoid Target when it's getting too close to payday or I'm trying to avoid snacks.

                                  1. re: Covert Ops

                                    Don't buy your meats from either one. Both Wally World and Super Target "enhance" their meats with brine solutions. The end result is that you can't get a steak or roast to brown worth a damn unless you cook off all of the enhancement juices that the meat sheds as soon as it hits heat.

                                    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                                      I don't know if the Wal-Mart meat is brined, but I can say for certain the Target meat is. I could taste the difference and tell when cooking.

                                      1. re: Covert Ops

                                        The Wal-Mart meat certainly is. I recently made some stew with walmart meat and was swearing a blue streak as about 3/4 cup of watery liquid escaped from 2 pounds of chuck roast.

                                  2. I don't buy a lot of frozen foods but their price on Amy's Organic Palak Paneer is lower
                                    than anyone else's, I think it was $3.09 last time I was there. Publix charges $4.59 for it!!! I try to keep just one or two in the freezer at work just in case.

                                    1. In the midwest (their coporate HQ) they support the local organic and small producer farmers markets, which is nice.

                                      They do have a pretty good line of organic food, if that's your thing.

                                      Archer Farms yogurt is dreadful, but then pretty much any grocery brand is.

                                      1. They don't have a very wide selection, and their grocery prices are usually fairly high. I don't buy groceries there unless I'm already in Target shopping for a bunch of other stuff and don't have time to run around to several stores. That said, I have found that Archer Farms products generally are quite good.

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                                          The Archer Farms Blood Orange Italian Soda is divine. I've found all of the crackers to be tasty as well (the "fake" Cheese-Its, Triscuits, etc.). Pasta's great, too...

                                        2. I often grocery shop at Super Target. I can never find all that I need in our local Publix Supermarket, so I usually start off at Target because they have better prices. Then move on to the grocery store…possibly the butcher or fish monger…and still complain as I cannot find it all even after going to several stores.

                                          I find their Ruby Red Grapefruit juice is always at least $ 1 - $2 less than the grocery store and we drink a lot of juice. I also find some of their produce to be fresher (I don’t know how) i.e. the bottom of lettuce isn’t brown/red and they have less packaged produce. Their haas avocados are always ripe. They also have some more hard to find produce and seasoning. Their detergent and toiletry items are much less expensive that Publix.

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                                            Glad to see I am not the only one who has to hit multiple stores. I agre about the Target prduce. They always have the best Fuji Apples when in season. They also have a HUGE selection of juices and yogurts which I appreciate because I like to try new things all the time. I probably get about 25% of my groceries at Target, 25% at Publix, 25% at Sweetbay, and 25% at our local natural grocery store. Non-groceies, like cleaning supplies, paper products, etc. i get al Wal-Mart because though not PC they are about half the price of everywhere else.

                                          2. I've been truly suprised at the quality of the items in the Archer Farms product line. Very, very few items contain HFCS, and taste is not sacrificed. One of my favorites is the Archer Farms jarred Putanessca...just delicious, with big chunks of olives.

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                                              So happy, bread is on sale this week 2 for $5. One of the only breads available with no HFCS! It stays fresh for a lonnnnngggg time and is really tasty too.

                                              1. re: justagthing

                                                You aren't kidding on their bread staying fresh for a long time. I've accidentally left a couple slices in the back of the bread box for over TWO MONTHS and they were still just fine. The mind truly boggles.

                                                1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                                                  the bread tip is a good one! I also love the Archer Farms products, and the choxie chocolates (especially the dark chocolate one!!).

                                            2. Another Archer Farms thumbs up- whole wheat bronze-cut dried pasta. It cooks up to al dente very nicely, and is rough enough to have the sauce cling well to it.

                                              1. Archer Farms products all on sale this week. :)

                                                1. Just got the Archer Farms organic tortilla chips. Yum!

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                                                    Archer Farms thin crust pizzas (on sale last week) were SO good. They tasted like the Cali Pizza Kitchen ones and 1/2 the price.

                                                    1. re: stellamystar

                                                      Agreed. Love all the thin crust pizzas.

                                                  2. When I was in college I would do this sometimes. I usually just bought a couple freezer items....like Bagel Bites or something. But at home, I wouldn't go to Target.

                                                    1. The AF salsas are pretty good. I bought their organic butter as well when they were out of my usual brand.

                                                      I find ST to be far cheaper than my local grocery stores. They don't have a huge selection, but I can get the basics, they have a good selection of organic items such as Muir Glen tomatoes and pasta sauces, and I can get my toiletries, cleaning supplies, basic groceries, and pick up a tee-shirt and a Halloween costume in one shot.

                                                      Their steaks and such always look a bit fiberous to me, but I like their boneless, skinless chicken breast and their hamburger meat. The AF organic milk is OK, but not my favorite.

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                                                          1. re: MSPD

                                                            I agree with dalaimama that ST doesn't seem to have a huge selection (despite the floor space devoted to foodstuff). And the last time I went, which admittedly was well over a year ago, they had a lamentable lack of refrigerated vegetarian pre-packaged foods (Smart Deli, Yves, etc.) They seem to carry a LOT of Archer Brand foods, I think perhaps a larger ratio than Wal-Mart carries of the Sam's brand.