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Aug 16, 2007 10:46 AM

Need Newport Beach brunch rec

Need a recommendation for a nice place for 3 ladies to go for Sunday brunch in Newport Beach, preferably with a view. Ideally under $20 per person and they must serve champagne.


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  1. Sage at Eastbluff has a nice brunch and the dishes are under 20$.No view but theyhave a lovely patio

    1. There are some decent views at restaurants that serve brunch on the penninsula. The Cannery has a nice outdoor patio and beautiful restaurant. However, I believe the champagne isn't cheap. On the corner of PCH and Superior is a place called The Alley. Not really upscale, but great food and a $7 bottomless glass of champagne. Could definately get out of there for $20 a person with food and champagne.

      1. Bayside is excellent, though higher than $20, at $25 but includes three courses and champagne, its excellent food and a great setting, definately get a seat on the patio with bay views. Highly recommended, really an excellent deal.

        Sabatino's in the Cannery Village area is not very upscale but a bit more reasonably priced, their patio is excellent as well.

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          I very much enjoyed brunch at the Bayside. It's not all you can eat, but the food is fine, and it *is* all you can drink champagne so there you go :) Good service too.

        2. The First Cabin Restaurant at the Balboa Bay Club is another brunch possibility. Sipping a mimosa while taking in the lovely view of Newport Harbor makes for a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. Sadly, however, it's twice what you are willing to pay per person. If you want to forego the traditional brunch idea, try Coyote Grill on PCH in South Laguna Beach. No reservations...casual atmosphere. If you're willing to wait for an outside table, you will have your eye-popping view, one of the best Bloody Marys in Orange County (if you don't feel for champagne) and absolutely delicious Mexican-style breakfasts. All for about $15 to $20 per person.

          1. Sigh... Newport Landing used to be excellent back in the day. You could order off the menu with unlimited champagne for the $12 - $15 range or even less. I practically lived there.

            Now the brunch is $26 and is a buffet. Still, you can't beat the location and view.


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              Pez, nice choice, especially where the view is concerned. I haven't eaten there in ages. How is the buffet?

              1. re: OCKevin

                Maybe I was just irked that it was so much more expensive than back in the day and I had a so-so meal there last time.... and I think for a while they used to have a limited menu in addition to the buffet option. It's OK... the desserts are excellent. The buffet itself is small though -- or it was last I was there.

                You have to understand. The Landing was the highlight of my weekends for 10 or more years -- long after I moved to L.A.! I remember when they had smoked salmon and bagels for $6.95 including unlimited champagne! (We knew it was too good to last -- much like my friend's rented 3br/3ba oceanfront duplex at $1350/month... which is now McG's backyard ... but I digress.)

                1. re: pezworld

                  I can totally see what you mean. The restaurant, much like the old "Ruben E. Lee" or even "Cano's," seemed to evoke memories of a Newport Beach from the 1980's. Newport Landing always had a fresh seafood selection, and I hope it stays a landmark. Ugh! Don't even get me started on our OC celebrity! He now fancies himself to be quite the restaurateur (even bringing the Goodells back to OC in the process). But, alas, now I digress!!

                  1. re: OCKevin

                    I was on a boat a few weeks ago in the Harbor -- we passed by the last pieces of the Reuben E Lee that had yet to be hauled away. *sniff*

                    Wow, Canos. Good happy hour as I recall. I feel old. I don't think Canos survived the 80s, did it?

                    1. re: pezworld

                      I just wonder who's paying the property taxes on that giant deserted piece of real estate right on the back now... Loved that place!

                      3 Thirty 3 has a brunch - on the water, but unfortunately no outside patio. Haven't had it - anly appetizers, with mixed reviews. Great drinks, though!

                  2. re: pezworld

                    One of my first cooking jobs in the US after Paris was at the Newport Landing in the late 80's. Never shucked so many oysters or cleaned so much swordfish in my life! Those were the days alright! Management would even let us drink at the bar after our shifts! Reggae band on Saturday afternoons with those huge cocktails... What a party! Unfortunately I went back last year for a very horrible lunch on the patio. Ceviche with swordfish was not so great, mushy texture and far too much tomato. We used to make a far better one with red snapper and bay scallops sans tomato, just jalapenos, onion, and cilantro. Chowder seems to be Sysco brand and so did many other things on the menu. Our head chef (Tom) back in the day used to slave over that chowder, not so anymore, but then again Tom is long gone. Fish tacos with cheese? Yikes. I am afraid the NL has seen better days! Fond memories remain!

                2. re: pezworld

                  Nice brunch, terrible service. Did an Easter brunch there once, and had one of the chefs watching over the line call my fiancee something derogatory in Spanish. Fortunately, he's an Asian man who took Spanish in high school (HA!). Told the manager how disappointed we were. Never again. Parking blows too.

                  1. re: brekkie_fan

                    Well, I guess we won't be trying their 'Huge Make Your Own Breakfast Burritos' anytime soon - thanks!