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Aug 16, 2007 10:43 AM

Change of plans for Georgia

We are no longer staying by the mall of Georgia seems we will be splitting up the week in Duluth and Buckhead. Looking for casual dining with fun atmosphere that welcomes teens for lunches and maybe something alittle more upscale for dinner.

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  1. Kurt's in Duluth is awesome german food and for Buckhead lunch the Buckhead Diner for an upscale dinner, Restaurant Eugene is excellent There is also Antica Posta in Buckhead for great Italian.
    Hope you have fun in Atlanta!

    1. Much better. Buford is chain-central.

      Do a search for Alpharetta too. Not sure how familiar you are with the area but they are in close proximity.

      A good lunch place in Duluth/Alpharetta is The Patio. I really like their quiche. It's in the Home Depot/Target parking lot on Pleasant Hill Rd. Upscale dinner place in the same parking lot is Stoney River. Reaaaaaaally good steaks, crab cakes and tempura lobster tail. The lamb lollipops are also outstanding. I'm a huge fan of that place.

      I can't think of anyplace around there that wouldn't welcome teens. It's mostly casual neighborhood joints...they just happen to be wealthy neighborhoods. ;>)

      1. I work in that part of Alpharetta, and The Patio is a good choice for a meal that's not from a chain. It's very casual and inexpensive. Another option is Marlow's Tavern at Old Alabama & Barnwell. It's a nice little spot for lunch, with a sports bar meets business meeting atmosphere (black cloth napkins, newspaper folded at the bar, etc...). I like the buffalo chicken wrap, and the fries are good. There is a new yogurt shop that opened up in the same little strip mall - can't remember the name, but it's supposed to be like Pinkberry in L.A. Got great reviews in the paper recently.

        Have a good visit!