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Quick Doyle's meal

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Hadn't eaten there in probably a good 4 years but it was convenient to the Midway show so we bopped in. Service was scatterbrained to say the least. Too many little things to mention but pretty screwy. I finally tried the somewhat famous pizza and while it had good flavor, the consistency was goopy. You couldn't pick up that middle part to save your life, soggy crust and tons of cheese (but not much hamburg which we ordered). I was hungry so it hit the spot but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. A couple of the Seattle people thought the chowder was great but I didn't taste it. Do they do a good job there or did the kids just not know? Friend also got an order of nachos that I thought were fairly boring but he like them. Can't complain about the price tho, 5 beers, small pizza, nachos was $37. And it's a good place to bring out of towners for the history.

Rode by the new Cambridge 1 just now and it looked pretty dead. Need to give it a try but did they take on too much with this large second location?

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  1. I haven't been to the new cambridge 1 yet, but my friend tried it and said it wasn't nearly as good. of course, that could just be part of the ramp up for opening a new place.