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Aug 16, 2007 10:28 AM

Exotic Cheesecake Ideas

I've been making desserts for a local restaurant and cheesecakes have been especially popular. I'm really interested in exotic flavor pairings beyond the basic fruit or chocolate. I've made lemon-ginger with gingersnap crust, and chai cheesecake with loads of cardamom and ginger. I'd love to hear your ideas or your favorite cheesecake that you've had.

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  1. At one of my favorite pastry shops (Dolcini by Joseph), in Kleinberg Ontario, they make a great cheesecake pastry with a dulce de leche centre which is absolutely heavenly. I would also love to try a cheesecake with a passionfruit topping. I think that the sweet and tangy passionfruit would go well with the rich, creamy cheesecake.

    1. How about matcha green tea, either in the batter or as a swirl?

      1. The most exotic cheesecake I ever had was in Hawaii. It was a wasabi cheesecake and it was topped with raw ahi was amazing.

        1. When I saw the subject header, I immediately thought "cardamom" but you've already done that. The lemon-ginger with a gingersnap crust sounds amazing!

          In line with the other Indian/Middle Eastern-inspired ideas, how about rose flavor, either alone or paired with something else exotic (maybe saffron) or something more Western (I have some amazing rose-flavored chocolate).

          1. i've wanted to try making a pomegranate cheesecake, using pomegranate molasses. or a mojito cheesecake - lime & mint, with rum whipped cream. personally, i'm always a sucker for herbs in desserts, perhaps mango-basil? or add some fresh rosemary to the buttery, graham cracker crust, and make a peach cheesecake on top (i just did a peach & rosemary crisp and it was amazing; i blogged about it, if you're interested. the combo is fantastic!)

            i could go on for ages with ideas, but i have to admit that the most exotic cheesecake i've made was a sweet-potato & coconut one for a thanksgiving dessert one year. i have more ideas than i have time to actually make them.

            check out this blog for interesting flavor combo inspiration; obviously, she's all about cupcakes, but some of her combos might work really well as a cheesecake:


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              I have a small business making cheesecakes, and have done pomegranate before. Take fresh pomegranate, run the seeds through a blender, with Grenadine, strain it, and add about a cup of the juice mixture to your batter. Not only does it taste delicious, but it comes out the most beautiful shade of pink. One of my favorite one's to make, I'm always happy when people order it. :)