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Aug 16, 2007 10:21 AM

Any good places in Bradley Beach?

I am spending a couple of days in Bradley Beach NJ but can't seem to find any info online about restaurants and the such. Does anyone have some suggestions for good meals?

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  1. plenty of places in and around - what are you looking for?

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      I like to park my car and walk for the entire time I am at the beach so anything in Bradley Beach would be great. I would love to find a good seafood restaurant with a decent raw bar menu. I am probably only going to have two dinners there so my price range is flexible. I just don't want another fried on the wall....boardwalk place.

    2. A brief list of recs:

      In Bradley Beach:

      Sushi - Osaka by the Station (BYOB)
      Pizza/Italian - Vics, good thin crush pizza, like the pizza and soups, not a big fan of their entrees (Also on Main near movie theatre)

      I would stay away from Cerrato's (BYOB) where I had one of the blandest meals and only go to the Draughting Table for drinks and mayby apps.

      There is a new breakfast place that opened on Main Street near Osaka that I've been meaning to try.

      1. There are no great restaurants in Bradley, IMO, but you can eat pretty well there. La Nonna PIancone's is respectable Italian. The burgers at Draghting Table are ok, but not much else. I second Vic's and Osaka. I've only been once, but had a very good dinner at Bella Sogno - the address is on Main, but the entrance is around the corner.
        Bamboo Leaf makes good pho and spring rolls and I've had very tasty salmon and soft shells there, too.

        1. There are some very decent places in BB nothing gourmet or upscale but you can egt some pretty good "eats"
          Vics for good thin crust pizza and red sauce italian
          Fins for cali-mex (fish tacos and the likes)
          CBO Brick Oven Pizza hass IMO the best brick oven Pizza its prob my fav place in Bradley beach it is very tiny though only about 10 tables and fills up FAST. BYO
          If you like Thai Bamboo Leaf has some decent Thai and vietnamese food. As far as seafood though you willa vhe to go into Belmar. Nothing in Bradley beach.

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            I agree with the above entries. Osaka is really good for sushi, but not too much else. I am not a fan of Nonna Piaccone's either-although their deli is good. I would recommend walking into Ocean Grove for lunch-some really cute places on the main street with outside dining. Beach Plum (Bradley) has very good ice cream BTW. For seafood drive into Belmar. Went to Klein's a week or so ago and it was not bad (on 71 right by the bridge).

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              Sorry, I disagree with CBO pizza. They used to have the best pizza. Past few times (recent) the pizza is totally soggy, spongy "crust". Would not go back. As far as Bamboo Leaf, again, used to be very very good. Last time we went about a year ago, never went back, terrible. Don't mean to be negative, but that has been our recent experience at both those places.