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Aug 16, 2007 10:14 AM

Brunch Near Chelsea Markets

I'm a DC Hounder and I'm coming to NYC to visit some family and friends in a few weeks.

I've been wanting to check out the Chelsea Markets and thought I would go on the Sunday I'm there. Prior to that I'm going to meet up with 2 friends and was looking for a brunch spot within walking distance to the Chelsea Markets. Some place with really delicious food, where the wait won't be super long. Cheap to moderatly priced (no $35 pancakes please).

Any ideas would be great...doesn't necassarily have to be traditional brunch (although it can be) as long as the food is really tasty.


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  1. Figs and Olives...great meatpacking district decor...good (not great) food....

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    1. I should also mention that I'm going to be meeting my best friend's girlfriend for the first time so a place condusive to conversation would be key in this situation.

      I was originally thinking of going to Cafeteria (I've never been and back in the day my Dad said it was great...when it first opened) but Zagats kept commenting on the loud music. Wasn't sure if that's all day long or just late at night. Thoughts?

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Cafeteria is very loud and not condusive to conversation

        1. re: LeahBaila

          And there's often a wait. And the food's not that good.

          Cookshop is another option. It's not cheap, but not ridiculously expensive either, and they accept reservations.

        2. re: Elyssa

          202 cafe in the Nicole Farhi store at Chelsea Market, the food's pretty decent, I like their fish n chips with mushy peas.

            1. re: Elyssa

              202 has a brunch menu. I haven't been.

            2. re: lanadai

              I do not like the brunch at 202 at all. The atmosphere is certainly conducive to conversation, but I found the food too fussy and bland for brunch. For goodness sake, my English fry up came with three sad grape tomatoes and a chewy strip of turkey bacon! Also the chef refused to serve the eggs any way but poached, which I found rather irritating since a traditional fried egg is hardly an exorbitant request.

              I would strongly recommend sitting outdoors at Good, even in a humid day, over 202.

              1. re: JungMann

                Oh wait Good is a restaurant?? LOL I thought people were saying that what the other person posted was a good choice.

                Ok I'll have to check out "Good's" website. lol

                1. re: Elyssa

                  Yes! Hahaha. Good is a restaurant, and it's goooooooooooood:

                  1. re: LeahBaila

                    Ya it looks it. I just checked out there menu. It's certainly on the top of my list but I wonder how long the wait usually is on a Sunday.

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      You should be fine as long as you get there by 11 a.m.

                      1. re: Elyssa

                        There is a wait for most places in that neighborhood. I know of some places that put a time-limit on how long you can keep a table outside. Maybe they're willing to take reservations for brunch.

                        1. re: Elyssa

                          The wait can be really long at Good, clogging up the sidewalk outside. But Cookshop is usually really pleasant, given that they take reservations. And the food is really good too. As for prices, check out

              2. As others mentioned, brunch at 202 or Cookshop are excellent (better than normal dinner or lunch IMO).

                At 202, I adore the scrambled eggs with mushroom - the plethora of mushroom is heaven for anyone who like the earthy taste.

                At cookshop, everything eggy is good!

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                1. re: kobetobiko

                  And so is anything porky!

                  I've had the best bacon in Manhattan there. Berkshire, I believe. House smoked, thick-cut, and wonderful.

                2. Slightly south of Chelsea Markets is Gascogne, on 8th Av., b/t 17th & 18th Sts. Small French bistro with delicious food. The 3-course brunch prix-fixe is $17.50. The garden is totally charming (as is the interior), the noise level is conversation-friendly, and they accept reservations. On a warm summer's day, the garden is one of our favorite places for brunch.


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                  1. re: RGR

                    I like gascogne a lot, too.... the escargot in pastry pouches are great. I believe they open at noon for brunch.

                  2. Thanks so much for all these suggestions! Certainly keep them coming if you can think of more. :)

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                    1. re: Elyssa

                      The brunch at tiapol is really good and there's hardly anyone there, very different than night time. you can walk to chelsea market from 23rd, not a very long walk.