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Aug 16, 2007 10:07 AM

Le Voile on Newbury Street

I saw a sign for "Le Voile" posted on one of the buildings between Fairfield & Gloucester. Anyone know anything? Perhaps it's the French Brasserie Bouchee was "supposed" to be.

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  1. Was it the basement space of the Newbury Guest House? That was supposed to have a French chef and I think I remember that it would serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and be neighborhood friendly. Of course we've heard that before at many restaurant hearings in the Back Bay.

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        No, it is on the same side, in the middle of the Gloucester/Fairfield block. It is in the basement of Newbury Guest House and they have added a large patio in front.

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          The former INQ space, aka the inimitable Luigi & Roscoe's at INQ, is going to be Cafeteria, an Italian place with pizza, sandwiches, and pastas.

        2. It's La Voile, and it will be owned and run by a completed imported French team, kitchen and front of house included. I don't know the price scale as of yet, but it opens tomorrow, and I'm really excited. I can only hope they don't serve frozen fries (rumored to be "the same as Mcdonalds") like Gaslight.

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            Interesting: I don't believe the Newbury Guest House has ever had a restaurant. It's a good little B&B type of place for the neighborhood.

            Many restaurants, even some of the better French ones in town, don't hand-cut their own fries/frites in-house. One of the few that I know hand-cuts fresh potatoes for fries is Pops. I'd be curious if other Hounds know definitively which other places don't use frozen fries. (I agree that Gaslight's are pretty weak.)

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