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Aug 16, 2007 10:06 AM

Pizza at BEBO

My wife and I have eaten 4 pizzas at the bar (where else, to avoid service issues) the past two weeks and am happy to report all four (white, marinara, marinara w/smoked mozz, and the eggplant/olive) were at least 8.5 on a scale of evidence of "wetness", alomst perfect to perfect crust and premium toppings...good news is that Roberto was not cooking the pies, so his underlings were performing up to standard (earlie "underling" pizzas have been noted as not quite done at times. Bebo pizza is becoming better than 2 Amys IMHO at this juncture. other dishes we had were a great pork shoulder panini and some nicely dressed salads with top notch greens and chooped vegetables. Note, we ate at the bar and on "off" hours so service was fine...cannot guarantee anything in the dining room or at prime time, but for the $$, Bebo is top notch value.quality if you ignore the service "eccentricities".
Saturday is pizza, salads and salumi only for lunch, but now until the end of August, there is a website coupon for pizza, salad and non-alc drink for $15 (Mon-Sat lunch).

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    1. Can you please post the link for the coupon, prowarbler? I can't seem to find it on the Bebo or main Roberto Donna websites. Thanks!

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      1. I very much like the food at Bebo, and I agree that 1) lunch and 2) the bar, solves many of the service issues there.

        However, my most recent pizza (about 2 weeks ago) definitely suffered from "wetness." I admit, it was about 11:45AM on a weekday (I was catching a flight out of Reagan Airport at 1) so maybe the oven hadn't fired up to full heat. But the toppings I chose, mushrooms and prociutto, should not have added to much to the problem. And RD was manning the station. The delishness of the fresh tomato sauce, the nicely chewy crust, and the perfect light char, certainly was enough to warrant a return visit.

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        1. re: Pappy

          > the toppings I chose, mushrooms and prociutto, should not have added to much to the problem

          As someone who makes his own pizza regularly, I must disagree about mushrooms. They tend to exude a lot of moisture, which can be tricky on a pizza.

          1. re: Hal Laurent

            Sorry. I didn't know that. I was really responding to a lot of remarks about the brocolli rabe adding moisture.

            1. re: Hal Laurent

              I'm in the same boat, pizza-wise. That's why I always pre-cook the mushrooms with a little salt to exude much of the moisture and concentrate the flavor. This works especially well with the more boutique varieties like chanterelle and oyster.

            2. re: Pappy

              I had a completely bland, unremarkable pizza there a few weeks back -- not in the same universe as 2 Amys and Paradiso. But it's only one data point . . .

              Also, everything else was "eh" too -- unlike on my previous visits -- and the service issues, as always, would be comedic if they weren't already predictable. This surely is the most mysterious restaurant in the area, at least in the category of promise/execution ratio. There is absolutely no doubt that Bebo can do, and has done, great things, but . . .

            3. I tried BEBO a month or two after it opened and I was underwhelmed. To me, the atmosphere of the place (busy, noisy, energetic) is anything but "trattoria-ish", and I think good Italian food just needs a quieter, more comfortable place to enjoy its subtleties. I wanted to really feel I was in an Italian trattoria, but it felt like a suburban production kitchen with a typeset menu.

              I still think 2Amys is tops, and will splurge once a year for a meal at Obelisk. And cook my own Italian at home. I'm trying Red Rocks this week.

              Though Paradiso on P Street is a close 2nd to 2Amys, it must be good enough for Roberto Donna -- he arrived there late one evening after his kitchen's closing (this was before it closed) with three companions -- order a bottle of wine, the antipasti, and pizza.

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              1. re: MartinDC

                We have had very good experiences for the most part at Bebo (somehow we have been able to avoid the most serious service lapses that are much too common) and had a very good meal there last Monday evening. I was reluctant to try the pizza but Diana went ahead and ordered one anyway. We were both favorable impressed with the prosciutto and rucola pie that came out...the crust was light yet had a bite and some texture, the toppings were austere (like an Italian pizza) but balanced. I still prefer Paradiso's pizzas but Bebo's effort was definitely a good product.

                Unfortunately the biggest change that I have noticed at Bebo since it opened is a drastic increase in the prices so it is no longer the bargain that it was in the early days. But we will definitely return and I will try the pizza myself.

                1. re: Jim Zurer

                  another Saturday pizza update...two of the best pies we have had at Bebo....did the bar early (11:45) a marinaraw/eggplant and black olives and tomato/mozz with arugula and procuitto...perfect crust this time (9.5) and great toppings...much better than the latest from Paradisso and 2 Amy's...service was competent at the bar buty a bit sullen, but who cares when the pis were this good.

                2. re: MartinDC

                  "I think good Italian food just needs a quieter, more comfortable place to enjoy its subtleties."

                  I take it you avoid the deafening nursery that is 2 Amys on a Saturday night?

                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                    I don't eat out on Saturdays. I cook in. But since you called me on the carpet, Monkey R., I don't mind so much if I'm paying 9 bucks a pie and 25 for a bottle of red.