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Great Caesar! Dressing recipes needed...

Chicken Caesar Salad on the menu for tonight's dinner, with temperatures over 100 degrees and a hurricane on the way.

I've tried Bittman's recipe for the Caesar dressing and found it bland and booooring. I'm looking for a creamy recipe with a garlic kick.

Anyone have any recipes like that?

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  1. martha stewart has a good one. i got it a while back ago from her site

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      i second martha's - that's the one i always use and always get raves on. in order to get it nice and creamy, i throw all of the ingredients into the blender and whir it all up until it's nice and emulsified.

      by the way, you should check out michael ruhlman's rant on the chicken caesar: http://blog.ruhlman.com/ruhlmancom/20...

      i can't say i disagree with him, but i think the reason most restaurant chicken caesars are crap is because they're made with a prepackaged dressing. i usually make caesar at home, and i do sometimes add grilled chicken (don't tell ruhlman!



    2. just my own. made in a wooden bowl and and I do use raw egg. I can get it for you if you like.
      Oh wait I just noticed you said "creamy" I make an emulsion with the ingredients. And parmesean is the only dairy... were you looking for something which is "cream" based?

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        CC, I'll take your recipe. I'm more interested in a punch of great flavor than the "creaminess"

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          I think it is great, but you take a looksy. It is so old, I don't know where I got it, but my kids beg for this one and my blue cheese. It is enough for 1 average head of romaine- make sure there is no water left in it from cleaning.

          1 egg
          3 T white wine vinegar
          1/2 cup olive oil
          juice of 1 lemon
          tobasco - to your liking - shakes 3 or so
          Worcestershire sauce -same - shakes 3 to 4
          white pepper to taste - 1/8tsp
          dry mustard - 1T
          3 T grated Parmesan
          anchovies - whatever your tastes I love them! so I'll add 2 sometimes 3
          1 large clove garlic -mashed well with salt and oil, with a blade then add to the bowl
          In the bottom of a wooden bowl mash the anchovies with the garlic clove
          add all the ingredients, and mix well. then add the egg and whisk while you drizzle the oil in slowly. add to your extremely crispy clean romaine toss and serve. Fresh black pepper and sea salt to the salad. Adding croutons homemade are best!
          Don't forget take the veggie peeler out and peel some cheese to the top.
          For a light dinner I serve this and top the salad with grilled chicken, steak or salmon.

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            i used to use a recipe very similar to this one, but then modified it to omit the raw egg as a friend had real issues with it. now i use dijon mustard in place of dry mustard and adjust the quantities of oil and vinegar to taste and to even out the consistency of the mixture. i get lots of compliments on the salad now, so i doubt i'll ever switch back to the raw egg.

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              raw egg doesn't bother me at all. I love this recipe but always looking for other things. I would create a war around here if I were to change this, and I make these dressings every week. My kids while growing up wanted their salad after school and there had better be homemade dressings.

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                Another option for an egg-free Caesar dressing is the tofu version from Alton Brown. It's not a true Caesar dressing, but it's really tasty. And you can cut way back on the oil (add some fresh-squeezed lemon juice instead) for a very low fat dressing.



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                  Barefoot Contessa says that you can also use a Tablespoon of mayonaisse in place of the egg...

          2. My caesar salad dressing which has gotten rave reviews from many people:

            1 garlic clove (or 2 or 3 depending how much you love garlic)
            1 egg
            1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
            2 tbsp. lemon juice
            1/8 tsp. pepper
            1 cup salad oil
            1/2 cup parmesan cheese

            Put first 5 ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth, slowly adding oil. Chill about 2 hours.

            When ready to serve, add parmesan cheese to salad. Delicous!!!

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              This is a great recipe. I was trying to figure out what was missing when I read it and realized it was anchovies; then realized I myself was out of anchovies while making caesar. I added a bit more Worcestershire and 1/3 less oil to accommodate my tastes and whipped it up in the blender.....it come out wonderfully.

            2. 1. Wash a head of Romaine lettuce, dry the leaves, and break or cut them into salad-size pieces. Set the lettuce aside.

              2. With a rotary-bladed paring knife (aka a vegetable peeler), slice thin pieces of Reggiano Parmagiano cheese -- as much as you think will be good for a big Caesar salad. Set the cheese aside.

              3. Make as many croutons as you think will be good for a big Caesar salad, or find a bag or box of them in the pantry. Set them aside.

              4. Boil an egg for one minute. Set it aside.

              5. Mince 2 anchovy filets. Set them aside.

              6. Put a little salt in a wooden salad bowl.

              7. Peel a large clove of garlic, cut it in half lengthwise, and rub the inside of the salad bowl (and the salt) HARD with the cut sides of the garlic clove. The idea is to infuse the inside of the bowl with a garlic scent/flavor.

              8. Remove the 2 pieces of the garlic clove from the bowl, mince them finely, and return them to the bowl.

              9. Add to the bowl a teaspoon of dry mustard, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a few squirts of Tabasco, and the mixed anchovies. Whisk them together.

              10. Start adding extra virgin olive oil SLOWLY, whisking constantly. the mixture will emulsify (and if it doesn't SLOW DOWN on the olive oil). You'll use maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil total.

              11. Add the egg, including the part of the white that set against the inside of the shell during the minute that it cooked. Whisk some more; the egg will emulsify into the mixture and it will get pretty creamy.

              12. Taste it and add more oil, salt, or Tabasco if you find it needs any of them.

              13. Add the lettuce to the bowl and toss it until all the pieces have dressing on them.

              14. Sprinkle the croutons and Parmesan pieces on top.

              15. Eat that sucker!

              1. Queen, here is a link to a past discussion on caesar salad. I use a recipe very close to corabeth's (at the bottom of the thread) which is pretty classic. I like to use a garlic press as I think it gives a stronger garlic flavor. Although, I don't really fear raw egg yolk, I do drop the egg into a glass measuring cup of really hot water for a minute or two.

                Martha Stewart's recipe is also pretty good.

                At least the heat here is supposed to ease up over the next few days - 97 today and 92 to 95 for the next few....


                1. My friends makes a great dressing out of powdered ranch dressing mix combined with balsamic and olive oil. You get the great flavor of ranch with the sweet-tartness of balsamic. Not only is it simple, it's delicious.

                  1. I like this old one from Bon Appetit - Caesar Salad with Roasted Garlic Dressing


                    1. I like David Rosengarten's from the Dean & DeLuca cookbook, especially with the addition of a shot a green Tabasco sauce.

                      1. I make a recipe I found on Epicurious. People rave about it...even those who claim to hate anchovies.


                        1. Couple cloves garlic
                          lemon juice
                          salt and pepper
                          ground dry mustard
                          anchovies (paste works too)
                          little bit of worcestershire sauce
                          olive oil
                          romaine lettuce (spines removed)
                          egg yolk
                          parmessan cheese
                          croutons (best if you make them yourself - very easy to do - just oil up some bread cubes, dry them oil in the oven, and lightly season them)

                          Rub bowl with garlic, and add salt and pepper. Add in lemon juice and mustard, and mix well. Add in anchovies and worcestershire, and mash them up real good on the side of the bowl with the back of your spoon. Add in oil and whisk the hell out of it until it emulsifies. Add in the lettuce and the egg yolk and toss the hell out of it (make sure egg and dressing are well distributed). Add in the cheese and croutons and toss again.

                          Going from memory here... Don't think I left anything out. A little Tabasco doesn't hurt either.

                          1. Too late but ..tip....white spanish anchovies! I find that most Caesar Salad Dressings skimp on the anchovies!!! Leave some whole on the salad.