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Aug 16, 2007 09:28 AM

qssis banquet hall

i am booking a function for a very large group and considered qssis due to location. has anyone used qssis or been there for a function. i am interested in how the food was and they do not allow for tasting in advance.

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  1. We attended a wedding there this past June at the Kingston Road location.

    I'm afraid the food was mediocre at best. Standard antipasto, salad, chicken and beef were served. The salad dressing was very salty. The chicken was okay. The beef was blah.

    I don't know what other menu choices are available for functions but if what we had was any indication, I can't see them doing anything requiring great creativity. The bottom line - typical banquet hall fare.

    However, the staff were very nice and we did have a good time after the meal. A case of good wine and good company made us forget the dinner.