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Aug 16, 2007 09:19 AM

Is Son Cubano worth it?

I've read some reviews that say the service is horrible and food is not that great but these were old reviews. Hopefully they've improved by now? Right? Right????

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  1. In my opinion, it is still an "avoid at all costs" situation. Mediocre food, Mojitos that are not all that unique or "better" (despite the $12 price tag), and overall outrageously expensive. A few months back three of us sat down for literally 30 minutes, had one mojito each, two small shared appetizers, and all-in after tip we were out over $80 bucks. All this with pretty snooty "holier than thou" service.

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      i agree. it's been sometime since i posted here but i went the other week and i am usually not the type to let bad service get in the way of enjoying a meal but the attitude and lack of attentive service ruined my evening. i'd rather not bash too much but i feel if you're paying for atmosphere, there are many better places around meat packing. for good cuban in the area, hopefully Chelsea Havana has or is near reopening.

      1. re: censorone

        If you want good Cuban at reasonable prices you must try cafecito on ave C

    2. my ex girlfriend dragged me here 2 summers ago. they originally placed us at a table next to the kitchen which was so inappropriate, i complained. they moved us to the front.

      the food was overpriced, mediocre cuban food that you could get for $8 a plate at margon. dinner for 2 with drinks was probably $150.

      made me decide never to pay for a meal in the meatpacking area again.